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Infini-Dagger! is the twenty second episode of Press Start.

The Episode

*Sky wakes up on his couch after passing out in Undertale*

Sky: Ugh....what the hell happened....?

*Sky looks over at his coffee table and sees a copy of Shovel Knight for the Wii U*

Sky: I was gonna get Miles and Pixel to come over, but you know what? Screw it.

*Sky sets up his Wii U and inserts the game*

Sky: Here I go again....

*Sky heads into Shovel Knight, in the middle of the first town*

Sky: Huh, neat.

??? #1: DUDE! I thought I told you to stop feeding your face so we could go fight King Knight!

??? #2: But, this apple pie is so good.......

Sky: Pixel? Miles?

??? #1: Was that Sky?

*Sky walks up to Pixel and Miles, who were eating some food to gain extra health*

Sky: Yeah, that was Me.

Pixel: Oh, great.....

Miles: Awesome!

Sky: So....were you guys gonna go on an adventure without me?

Miles: Yes...

Pixel: No....

Sky: Well then.....mind if I jump on the bandwagon?

Pixel: Yes.

Miles: Not at all!

Pixel: You really want HIM to come with us, Miles?

Sky: Hey! I'm right here.

Pixel: I know.

Miles: I do want him to come along, we're the trio!

Pixel: Yeah......I guess..

Miles: Let's do this!

Pixel: Hold up!

Sky: What now?

Pixel: We need some more weapons if we even want a chance at defeating King Knight.

Sky: And where are we gonna find weapons?

Pixel: I know a guy...

*Cut to Pixel, Sky, and Miles in front of a blue treasure chest in a dark, wet, basement like area*

Pixel: Uga Waga Saya Maye Topi Gretni

Sky *Whispering to Miles*: Let's get out of here......

Miles *Whispering back*: Yeah, let's get out of her-

*Suddenly, a man dressed in a purple hoodie, blue jeans, and neon green gloves does a somersault out of the chest*

Sky: What the....

Miles: Who the....

Pixel: What happened to David, ya' know, the weapon salesman?

???: he he.

*The camera looks inside of the blue treasure chest and shows a skeleton with a nametag that says "Hi, my name's David". Sky attempts to peek inside the treasure chest, but the man in the purple hoodie slams the chest shut*

Pixel: Say, what's your name, anyways?

???: me Shade.

Pixel: Righty-o, what weapons are you sellin' this week?

Shade: Well, I'm afraid we're out of stock, except for this Infini-Dagger.

*Sky gasps*

Sky: What's that!?!?!?

Shade: It's a dagger that you can fly around with,ya' know, normal stuff like that.

Sky: I call dibs!

Pixel: What are you, four?

Sky: No, I'm a four year old trapped in a teen's body.

Pixel: Whatever.

Miles: So, are we gonna continue this quest or what?

Pixel: Yeah, let's get a move on, see ya' later, Shade.


*Cut to the trio climbing out of the basement like area*

Sky: So, how are we gonna get to the castle King Knight is in?

Pixel: Only the most fashionable way.

Sky: And that is....?

Pixel and Miles: Catapult!


Pixel: I guess you'll have to conquer it!

*Pixel throws Sky into the catapult near them, Pixel and Miles then climb in*

Pixel: 3!


Miles: 2!


Miles and Pixel: 1!


*The catapult is fired*


Miles: This is awesomeeeeeeeee!

*The trio then get shot through a stain glass window of a golden castle, the trio get up and stand face to face with King Knight*

King Knight: How dare you invade my castle!

Sky: Hey, man, we aren't looking for any trouble,we just wanna make peace-

*King Knight twirls around his shiny, golden shovel to try and intimidate the trio, but suddenly, Pixel pulls out a gun and blows King Knight's brains out*

Miles: WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?

Pixel: What?

Sky: You just blew his fucking brains out!

Pixel: So what? We saved this place, now, let's get out of here.

*A portal opens up, Pixel casually walks into the portal, but Miles and Sky slowly walk into the portal, with a traumatized look on their faces.*

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