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Inferno Scope is an online over-the-top subscription video-on-demand streaming service that is owned and operated by Trail Blazer Studios and created by Trailblazer101. The service includes original and third-party content consisting of various films, television series, video games, and publications, among other merchandise products owned by Trail Blazer Studios and its' components of Imagination Entertainment, Fraction Interactive, and Blazing Publishers, in addition to a digital store where much of the merchandise can be purchased.

Inferno Scope was officially launched on January 13th, 2019. The service is also available in a bundle with the Blazing House members rewards program that contains certain perks and additional features for subscribers.


  • Access to a library of original and third-party films, television series, video games, and publications content from Trailblazer101's various companies, with the content being organized in the service by the companies that produced them, while also offering select groupings for content filling in shared categories of interest.
  • Six accounts are available per each family subscription, with each account being able to have different age restrictions and customizations (including avatars of characters from the content, colors, preferences in content, and watchlists) being available to be implemented.
  • Digital store where various merchandise can be purchased and songs can be listened to, while rewards, content deals, and price savings, are available through the Blazing House members rewards program for all of the Trail Blazer Studios-owned companies.
  • The Blaze X-Con gaming controller available to use for the service to play the video games on it, which will be manufactured and offered by Fraction Interactive, while a remote controller is also available to use to navigate the service. The Blaze X-Con can be used in place of the remote controller by switching the transmitter between the two controllers. The Blaze X-Con has the same functions as the remote controller and was designed by iNinjago, who pitched the idea to Trailblazer101.



Television Series

Video Games





These publications are made available in digital copies, audio formats, and motion comics and graphic novels.



  • Trailblazer101 initially created two separate streaming services, The LMMCU and Nostalgic Network, although after he saw both underperforming with content he did not desire and a lack of development and proper expansion, he chose to create a new streaming service to exclusively house all of his content, succeeding the prior two which also saw the end to his licensing for Frick TV, although that may return with a new series original to that network.
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