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Imagination Spike is an upcoming 2020 science fiction apocalptic film based on an original story created by Trailblazer101 and UnkleShane featuring some of their friends from real life. It will be directed, written, produced, and composed by Trailblazer101 and UnkleShane, with Red Shogun serving as a co-producer.

The film will be developed by Trail Blazer Studios and Shane Studios, and distributed by Trail Blazer Studios. It will be released on June 12, 2020, internationally, and on June 19, 2020, in the United States.


Set in a world where an infection has wiped out almost the entire population of Earth, leaving only 1 million people left alive, a group of 5 imbeciles join together on a quest throughout the digital world that they have created to live in to stop a group of raiders who, following the real world's demise, scavenge and raid the real and digital worlds, causing their population to slim. These 5 imbeciles must learn to put their differences aside in order to save both worlds' populations before they're completely wiped out.

Cast and Characters

A former corporate businessman who manages a digital world with his friends where they create objects from their own imagination. Blake is a charismatic and serious person who often gets caught up in the world of his own imagination and doesn't always see far into reality. Blake uses the avatar name "Flarez" and is based on the LMMCU Wiki user and film creator, Trailblazer101.
A computer programmer and engineer who is a friend of Blake's that manages the digital world alongside Blake. Skyber often sees reality for what it is as a whole and looks for the good parts in life, but can usually become blinded from the truth. Skyber uses the avatar name "Shane X" and is based on the LMMCU Wiki user and Trail's friend, UnkleShane.
A corporate managing consultant who is a friend of Blake's and oversees operations in the digital world. Blackson has a quick temper that can often get out of control but is able to apply that with his strong force. Blackson uses the avatar name "Shogunin" and is based on the LMMCU Wiki user and Trail's friend, Red Shogun.
An engineer who is a friend of Blake's and Skyber's and works in the digital world. Simonson is a jokester and trickster archetype and finds new unique ways to create dangerous weapons with his imagination. Simonson uses the avatar name "Agent F" and is based on Trail's friend, Agentfranks.
A chemical scientist who is a friend of Blake's and Simonson's and works in the digital world. Ferris has a wild temper that often takes control of him and causes him to become crazed, but he is still able to be reconciled with and usually uses his temper to combat against enemies. Ferris uses the avatar name "Spark Shock" and is based on Trail's friend, Sparky.
A genius-minded individual who is the leader of the Raiders and a hacker who leads the mass series of raids throughout the real and digital worlds, while putting the lives of anyone at stake only to benefit his own vengeance to form a new world order. Thomas uses the avatar name "The Megalon" and is an original creation for the film that is not based on anyone from Trail's life.


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  • The film is partially influenced by Ready Player One and a separate film pitch made by UnkleShane.
    • The original plot of the film created by Trail was vaguely similar to that of Ready Player One's plot, with Trail deciding to work on revising the plot with UnkleShane to make it more original, using Shane's new pitch as the revised plot.
  • Filming is expected to begin in July 2019.
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