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"So sad it had to come to this."

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Goliath is a 2017 action-adventure science fiction mythology film focused on the fictional superhero, Goliath. It is the first installment in the Anti-Verse.


After getting in a car accident, famous race car driver David B. Johnson gets a blood transfusion from a Greek god which cures him of his injuries. His transfused blood gives him newfound powers, which makes him a target for a think tank operation secretly working for a dreaded terrorist organization.



  • The premise of Goliath is an original story, but the role of Apollo in the film is reminiscent to the aftermath of his respective character from Shatara Comics' story arc When Gods Fall, in which Apollo is banished to Earth by Zeus upon the discovery of Apollo's influence on Tartarus which had inadvertently caused the release of Erebos and the near destruction of both Earth and Olympus.
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