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Ghouls' Land is an upcoming 2019 supernatural horror role-playing dungeon crawler video game created by Trailblazer101.

The game was developed by Nostalgic Games and published by Nostalgic Publishing. It will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, BlazeBox, Blaze Oblong, and Windows PC on October 18, 2019.


The Great Demon, Volkor has cast a curse upon the monstrous lands of Gandervold, preventing all of its' creatures from transforming back into their natural forms, resulting in revolt to spread across the lands. An old magician seeks the aid of a highly trained hunter, assassin, sniper, or any other occupation for the player to choose from, (who has fallen victim to Volkor's curse) to travel far throughout various lands themed after a multitude of scary stories to uncover artifacts that, once forged together, will allow the player to create the prophecized superweapon that will be used to defeat and (supposedly) kill Volkor and restore what little peace these lands used to have.


The game will feature a number of supernatural, creepy, weird, and monstrous creatures for you to choose from as your player, as well as a variety of occupations to choose from. Multiple skins for both your human and creature forms will be available to unlock as you further progress the game and as new events and updates occur. In these events, which are limited, the player will be tasked with a variety of missions to save others in danger or to steal some creepy artifacts.


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