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GameTime: Into the GameTime-Verse is the third episode of Sly Guy NEXT. It was shown during the LEGO Dimensions: Crossover presentation of the same name.


RealGameTime discovering the GameTime-Verse where many different versions of the Webiverse exists.


Prominent Characters

Speaking Characters

Character Debuts

Costume Debuts

  • Solider GameTime
  • General Magnesium
  • Trooper Lawson
  • Disguise Spot
  • Disguise Crowley
  • Movie Theater Worker


  • ChibiTime's Dimension
  • Cosmic Citadel of GameTimes
  • Disguise Shop
  • GameTime and Fricksy Business' Apartment
  • Geekston Theater
  • Khromus' Dimension
  • Sly Guy NEXT Studio

Title Card Variation

  • The Sly Guy NEXT logo is shown but the logo changes into a bunch of variations of the logo at a fast pace. This is a reference to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the opening logos of the movie. Some of the logo variations are from many other episodes of Sly Guy NEXT. Among these variations are:
    • The original name for Sly Guy NEXT, GameTime Direct.
    • The regular Sly Guy NEXT logo.
    • Green zombie goo is splattered across the words. A zombie head sits on the Sly word and a zombie hand crawls on top of the NEXT of the logo. (GameTime of the Dead)
    • Snow is on top of the words. The logo is tied around Christmas lights that flicker on and off repeatedly. (I'll Be Home For Frickmas)
    • A police light is shown in the middle of the Sly and NEXT parts of the logo flashing lights in both directions while rotating. The logo also has red, white, and blue spray paint all over itself. (Cop Academy)
    • The Sly part is wearing a superhero mask and the entire logo dons a superhero cape. RealGameTime's signature is written on the NEXT part of the logo in black ink. (FANDOM Con)
    • A pop-up ad with the Sly Guy NEXT logo is shown on the ad itself. A mouse arrow comes and tries to click away from the ad but it generates more pop-ups rapidly. (Back in Fricksy Business)
    • A skull is shown next to the Guy part of the logo. The logo itself is piled under a bunch of pirate gold and shiny treasure. (A Pirate's Life)
    • The Sly Guy NEXT logo is pixelated. On top of the logo, pixelated piranha plants are shown bobbing their heads up and down. (The Piranha Plant Revolution)
    • The Sly Guy NEXT logo is mechanical and robotic. (Fight Bot)
    • A bunch of phantom minions grab the logo in a portal underneath the logo before it disappears. (GameTime's Day Off)
    • The Sly Guy NEXT logo is wearing a wrestler belt. In addition, the top of the logo is on fire. (El Diablo)
    • A rainbow appears on top of the logo and stickers are placed on the logo itself. The logo itself has cute cloud people on the bottom of the logo. (Violet: Queen of Dreams)
    • A bunch of soda cans and a pizza box are on top and near the logo. On top of the logo is a party crown. (Fricksy and the Cool Kids)
    • The fonts of the Sly Guy and NEXT parts of the logo are swapped. (Your Username)
    • A magnetifying glass lays next to the logo while a marshmallow rests on the other side. A monstrous beast is briefly shown peaking on top of the logo. (Camp Downfall)
    • A clip reel can be shown on top the logo and it's clips are entangled with it. (The Miserable Clip Show Episode)
    • The logo lights up word by word.
    • The logo looks like it was drawn on paper.
    • The logo is 3D animated.
    • The logo is in a old font.
    • The logo has a nametag on it with a signature written on it, SlyFoxBandit.
    • The NEXT and Sly Guy parts are switched.
    • The logo rapidly expands to the screen.
    • The logo is placed under a flag banner that says "Closed". A bunch of tools and construction supplies are shown shattered on top and next to the logo.
    • The logo looks olden.
    • The Sly Guy logo is shown with the word Next written underneath it and "The" word crossed out.
    • The logo is multiplying rapidly.
    • The logo has a red and blue outline.
    • The logo is in different colors.
    • The logo is black and white.
    • The logo looks like graffiti art.
    • The logo design looks like space and glowing stars. A bunch of debris is shown on each side of the logo with apocalyptic gear.
    • The logo looks like it was drawn on a chalkboard.
    • The logo is slowly being generated on the screen.
    • The screen looks like a old television screen.
    • Cookie GameTime is shown on top of the logo.
    • The logo is exploding.
    • A bunch of popcorn is scattered next to and on the logo. A drink can be seen on one side of the logo while the other side has a video camera. A movie clipboard is shown on top of the logo.
    • The logo is fading away from the screen and is getting smaller.
    • The logo is turned into a bunch of little particles that roam everywhere on the screen.
    • The logo is wiped away from the screen.
    • The logo is glitching.
    • The top portion of the screen has multi-colored lights flashing down on the ground. The logo is wearing a guitar and has a lightning bolt painted itself. A bunch of flashing lights are also shown.


GameTime walks one step out of his apartment.

GameTime gets blasted with wind as it's very stormy outside.

GameTime: Welp, I guess I need to wear something else then...

GameTime: Can't believe my hoodie that I never washed in six weeks isn't going to be enough for today.

GameTime goes back to his apartment and goes into his closet. His closet is filled with a bunch of hoodies that are exactly the same.

GameTime looks through the closest and spots a heavy blue jacket.

GameTime puts it on.

GameTime gets really hot.

GameTime starts to sweat like crazy.

GameTime: Eh.

Fricksy Business: You're still going to see that Spider-Man movie with the others?

GameTime: Yep. It's gonna be great! I've been watching every trailer for it.

GameTime: Every trailer.

Fricksy Business: What about that Crossover presentation you scheduled for today?

GameTime: Hmmmm....

GameTime: Nah. I'll push it to a month or something.

Fricksy Business: Well, see you later. I guess, I'm just going to work at the apartment today.

Fricksy looks at the large amount of work he has to complete by the end of the day.

Fricksy Business: Nope! Ok, can I watch the movie with you and the others?

GameTime: Uh... sure.

GameTime: Hey, Spot. Are you coming too?

Spot: Yeah. Just give me a second, I'm eating all of this paperwork...

Fricksy Business: SPOT, THAT'S MY PAPERWORK!

Spot: Well, sorry... You guys didn't feed me in like 6 weeks.

Spot: You guys are going to kill me someday without even noticing it.

Fricksy Business: Welp, you might as well eat me too...

Fricksy Business: Wait, does our local theater have a no pet policy?

Spot: Probably. Awwww man, I gonna miss the movie now!

ChibiTime crashes through the apartment window.

ChibiTime: Hey, guys!

ChibiTime: Are we still going to see the movie, today?

GameTime: Yeah, but we gotta figure out a way to bring Spot along with us without getting caught.

ChibiTime: How about we just go inside the theater? Nobody cares these days about anything.

Crowley crashes through the other window

Crowley: Or you guys can like disguise yourself.


GameTime: Great idea, Crowley! Let's go get a outfit!

GameTime kicks down the door and runs out. Spot and Crowley follow him.

ChibiTime: (sigh) My ideas are never used.

ChibiTime follows them.

Fricksy Business is all alone in the room. Fricksy Business picks up a lamp and breaks it.

Fricksy Business: Wow. Breaking stuff is pretty fun.

Fricksy Business follows the gang.

Time skips to GameTime, Fricksy Business, ChibiTime, Spot, and Crowley all walking to the theater.

Spot is wearing a jacket, mustache, and fedora.

Spot: This outfit doesn't look too suspicious, does it?

GameTime: No... Not at all.

GameTime looks at Spot and it's really suspicious.

Crowley is wearing a wig and a swimsuit.

Fricksy Business: Crowley... wha... uh.. why.

Crowley: No movie theater worker is going to say anything about a bird wearing a wig and a swimsuit.

Fricksy Business: If I worked there, I would.

GameTime: Alright guys, each of you have your tickets?

ChibiTime: Wait, why is my ticket a kid's ticket?

GameTime: Because you look like one.


GameTime: I'm not a child, ChibiTime. I'm a manchild. Get your facts right.

ChibiTime mutters to himself.

All five walk to the theater.

All five enter in.

In the background, a strange beam is glowing in the air.

They all approach The Worker who is working at one of the booths.

The Worker: Hello, how may I... OH MY FRICK. IT'S YOU!

GameTime: Hey. Um, I'm here to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I already have my ticket.

GameTime slides ticket to him with his finger.

The Worker: Wha- How aren't you in jail and-

GameTime: Sssshhhh… I'm here the see the movie. That's all. There's my ticket. It's riiiiiggghhhtttt there.

The Worker: No. No! NO!! I’m not doing this again.

GameTime: All right. Fine. What do you what?

GameTime (thinking): I can’t believe using the time machine didn’t erase all of the events from yesterday.

The Worker: I want to fully admit that you’re a criminal and then go to jail afterwards.

GameTime: That’s a- That’s a tall order, right there.

Fricksy Business: Dude, hurry up. We’re probably missing the previews right now.

GameTime: You don’t even stay around to watch the previews most of the time.

GameTime: You usually drink a lot and then go to the bathroom when it starts.

Fricksy Business: Well, what can I say. I have a weak bladder.

GameTime: Ok. Fine.

GameTime: (to Worker) You let me and my so-called acquaintances watch the movie and I will confess myself and go to jail after I return here.

ChibiTime: Dude, are you crazy? You’re...

GameTime puts his hand over ChibiTime's month.

GameTime: Sorry about that. He’s my son. He gets all hyper and all... Heh heh.

The Worker: Fine. Theater 13 when you enter.

GameTime: Thank you. (sarcastically)

ChibiTime: Here's my ticket. I'm his son, I guess.

Fricksy Business: Here's mine.

Spot: I'm a normal looking person.

Crowley: And I'm...

The Worker: Just go.

Crowley: Ok.

All five sit in their seats next to the rest of the gang.

Officer Lawson: What took you guys so long? You just missed the previews!

Fricksy Business: Some conflict between the booth guy and GameTime took us long.

Spot: Whatever, let's just watch the movie.

Time skip to the movie finishing.

Professor Magnesium: Is it just me or are the characters in the film... a little too similar to us?

Spot: I'm surprised there isn't really a character that is exactly like you...

GameTime: Welp, I'm gonna go to jail now. The movie's done. It's over.

A view of the back of the theater outside is seen as a electric bolt hits the ground from the beam outside.

A GameTime is shown from the bolt.

??? GameTime: Universe 11-13. The theater looks the same as always.=

GameTime: Welp, it's time to say my goodbyes to everyone.

GameTime: GOODBYE. Ok, we're done. I'm gonna turn myself in.

Fricksy Business: Wow. That was quick.

Fricksy looks into his pants and notices that his wallet is gone again.

Fricksy Business: He stole my wallet during the movie, didn't he?

All: Yep.

GameTime approaches The Worker.

The Worker: So... you're gonna do you said, right?

GameTime: Look. Can I offer you uh...

GameTime looks through wallet.

GameTime: a credit card and three paperclips?

The Worker: You're joking, right?

GameTime: Maybe...

A lightning bolt is seen in the back of the theater again.

A unknown entity is shown.

Entity: It's time to finish this.

GameTime: All right. I'm calling the police. GameTime uses his phone as slow as possible.

GameTime: Confessing right now...

GameTime dials up as slow as possible.

GameTime: Wait.

GameTime: Hey! Lawson! Come here for a second!

Officer Lawson comes.

GameTime: Hey, uh. Lawson... um, can you give a pass for my crime I committed in the past?

Officer Lawson: What was the crime?

GameTime: Stealing a chew toy without paying...

GameTime: It's not that big of a crime...

Officer Lawson: It's actually is a crime. I'm going to have to arrest you now.


GameTime: I was trying to stall time before and I thought since you're my so-called acquaintance you'd let it slide but you're arresting me instead.

Officer Lawson: Sorry. It's my job, RealGameTime. I gotta do what is right.

GameTime: Welp, that's it everyone. I'm done. My life is over now.

A entity busts into the theater.

Entity: Where is that 1113 variant of that bumbling cretin?

GameTime: Yo, is that Vexx from Sly Guy Alliance?

Entity: There he is. Prepare to disintegrate, user.

A GameTime busts through the theater.

The GameTime punches the entity which sends the entity flying and hitting the theater wall.

Lawson: What?

The Worker: This is too weird for me! I'm getting out of here.

GameTime: Is that me fighting a.... what?

??? GameTime: C'mon, 1113. We need to go.

??? GameTime takes GameTime by the hand

GameTime: Wait, can I do something first?

GameTime picks up some rubble and throws it at the Worker knocking him out.

??? GameTime: Heh heh heh. Nice. But we need to go now.

Officer Lawson: Can I come along with you, guys?

??? GameTime: Uh, sure.

GameTime: Wait, we need to get everyone else from the theater, it will be dangerous if we leave them here with that guy.

Officer Lawson: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's move!

GameTime, Officer Lawson, and ??? GameTime go to the theater room.

Officer Lawson: Wait, why should we trust you? Where are we even going to go to?

??? GameTime: I'll explain on the way. And we aren't going to a place...we're going to another dimension.

??? GameTime: We'll just have to wait until another lightning bolt strikes down to the ground.

A lightning bolt strikes down on ??? GameTime.

??? GameTime: See, like that.

??? GameTime: Everyone, get near me. We're gonna have to warp somewhere more safer than here.

Professor Magnesium, GameTime, ChibiTime, and Officer Lawson go near him.

??? GameTime: Hurry everyone!

The others try to join too but the entity comes back and captures them.

GameTime: Noooooooo!!!!

??? GameTime, GameTime, Magnesium, Lawson, and ChibiTime warp off.

A lightning bolt strikes down on Entity which teleports him to another unknown dimension with Abby, Violet, Fricksy, and Crowley.

??? GameTime, GameTime, ChibiTime, Magnesium, and Lawson warp to a unknown dimension.

GameTime: Who are you?

??? GameTime: You can call me GameTime 01-18.

GameTime: I'm not calling you that.

??? GameTime: Fine. Call me Muscular GameTime.


ChibiTime: (whispering) THE ABS OF STEEL.

Muscular GameTime: Let's start back at the beginning...

GameTime: NO! NO! NO!

GameTime: Just no!

Muscular GameTime: ignores GameTime I'm from the universe 01-18.(e

Muscular GameTime: I live in Wikia in the year 2019.

Officer Lawson: Wow, no kidding.

Muscular GameTime: I saved Wikia... met my gang of so-called acquaintances , became the Phantom Underworld ruler, saved Wikia a bunch of more times, didn't fall in love, ended up lonely forever...

Muscular GameTime: and ever...

Muscular GameTime: and ever...

Muscular GameTime: and ever...

Muscular GameTime: BUT THEN, he came... that guy you saw...

Muscular GameTime: Goes by the name of Collin Collider.

Muscular GameTime: He killed all of my so-called acquittances and blew up Wikia in my dimension so I'm teaming up with a gang of GameTimes from alternate dimensions to stop him.

Muscular GameTime: I trained and trained and trained and became really muscular.

Muscular GameTime: And now I need you to help on my quest to stop Collin from destroying the multiverse.

Muscular GameTime: Will you help me, GameTime 11-13?

GameTime: Uh....

GameTime: Ok...

Muscular GameTime: Nice. And you must be GameTime from dimension 38-71, right?

ChibiTime: Wait... what?

Muscular GameTime: Dimension 38-71 is known as the Chibi Dimension where characters in that universe look very smol or adorable.


GameTime holds him and keeps him away from Muscular GT.

GameTime: Sorry about that. He gets all hyper and all... Heh heh.


ChibiTime hits GameTime in the nose.

GameTime: Ow.

Professor Magnesium: Wait, what will happen to the others? They were kidnapped by Collin!

Muscular GameTime: I dont know... Collin's dimension number is unknown so there's no way of getting there.

Officer Lawson: How much longer until we get to our destination? Being in this trans-dimensional vortex tunnel is making me uncomfortable.

Muscular GameTime: A few more minutes... but thank you, Magnesium 11-13 for making that collider machine.

Muscular GameTime: When you created that machine and activated it, it made travelling through alternate dimensions possible.

Professor Magnesium: Oh, you know. I can create anything, really.

GameTime: He can, actually.

Meanwhile in Collin's dimension...

Fricksy Business, Abby, Violet, Spot, and Crowley are being imprisoned.

Crowley: Guys! I'm stuck in a cage! I hate being in small spaces!

Fricksy Business: Well, this is the end.

Fricksy Business looks below him and sees a brown haired GameTime skull on the floor.

Fricksy Business: AHHHHH!!!! OH MY FRICK!!!! AHHHH!!!!

Crowley: Can someone get me out of here like I dont want to hear this baby screaming for 5 minutes straight again...

Collin Collider: Well, well... what GameTime to put a end to next...

Collin Collider evilly laughs as shown on his monitor that several billion are dead.

Muscular GameTime, GameTime, ChibiTime, Magnesium, and Lawson warp and arrive at a universe

Muscular GameTime: Well, here we are.

Muscular GameTime: Welcome to Universe 00-00.

Muscular GameTime: The Cosmic Citadel of GameTimes.

GameTime: That sounds very stupid...

Muscular GameTime: It is, but I didn't create this place. He did.

Muscular GameTime points at a GameTime flying in the air. The GameTime goes down to see GameTime and ChibiTime.

?? GameTime: Greetings, GameTime 11-13 and GameTime 38-71. I am GameTime 00-00, but you can call me Zen GameTime. I am the creator of the GameTime-Verse.

GameTime: So, this is my "prime" self?

ChibiTime: Why are you bald and stuff?

Zen GameTime: (ignores ChibiTime) Let's start back at the beginning...

Zen GameTime: My name is GameTime Prime 00-00.

Zen GameTime: I am the very first GameTime to exist in this multiverse. I am a cosmic being with the power to create life. I am the one who saved Wikia from a cosmic threat named Vexx but that's other story... met my gang of so-called acquaintances , became the ruler of the GameTime-Verse, saved Wikia a bunch of more times, didn't fall in love, ended up lonely forever...

Zen GameTime: And ever...

GameTime: Yeah. Yeah. Go to the end now.

Zen GameTime: After all of my so-called acquaintances were disintegrated from a tragic event, I create the GameTime-Verse.

Zen GameTime: A place where I create and see them again... many multiple versions of them.

Zen GameTime: But after I felt having them all to myself was too much, I create many multiple GameTimes so that they can experience true frien-so-called acquittanceship.

Zen GameTime: I created universes for them and life itself.

Zen GameTime: But now, the dimension traveler known as Collin Collider is killing GameTimes and now you and the remaining GameTimes must defeat him and restore the multiverse.

Zen GameTime: Will you do that, my child?

GameTime: Eh....

GameTime: It's kind of a hard task...

ChibiTime: Yeah, I don't feel like doing it either...

Zen GameTime: Too late. Your quest begins. After you go meet all of the other remaining GameTimes over there...

GameTime: Alrighty.

Officer Lawson: I feel really uncomfortable in a reality where everyone is GameTime.

Professor Magnesium: Yeah. It doesn't make any logical sense according to my calculations but just accept it.

Zen GameTime: Oh, hello, GameTime 01-18. Good to see you again after a long journey of recruitment.

Muscular GameTime: Good to see you too. I'm just doing my job. I know we can defeat Collin... but we need every GameTime on our side in order to do you.

GameTime and ChibiTime walk to the other GameTimes in the center of the citadel.

ChibiTime: This place is crazy...

GameTime: Yeah, I have no idea what is happening right now...

A cookie sees the 2 GameTimes.

Cookie GameTime: Look, Muscular GT came back with new GameTimes!

Phantom King GameTime: Finally, took him long enough. Let's greet them with our own boring backstories!

A bunch of GameTimes flock towards GameTime and ChibiTime.

GameTime: Oh no, did that GameTime just say that every GameTime here is going to tell their backstories?

ChibiTime: Yep. Hey, since I wont be able to breath in space will exiting out of the citadel dome kill me?

Multiple GameTimes: Let's start back at the beginning...


ChibiTime: Hey, I think I actually found a way out of the dome and... oh wait, I can survive in space... oh cool, WAIT- OH NOOOOOOOO-.

Cookie GameTime: My name is GameTime aka Cookie GameTime or you call me Chip. But nobody calls me that sadly.

Phantom King GameTime: My name is Lord GameTime of the Phantom Underworld.

FakeTelevisionSpace: Hey, my name is FakeTelevisionSpace… I'm like the only girl here which is like the only noticeable thing about me... and-

Cookie GameTime: I'm used to be Muscular GameTime where I had really big muscles expect I dont and I'm a cookie. (eats a part of himself) I'm also a self-cannibal.

Phantom King GameTime: I'm basically you except I completed the Phantom ruler ritual and transformed into this! long evil laugh I'm kind of the devil which is why GameTime Prime doesn't like me particularly. Since he's god and all and... ok, some one else can go now.

Butt-Face GameTime: My butt's a face. My end... you don't wanna know.

New Kid GameTime farts.

Butt-Face GameTime: Hey, New Kid. What you just farted out was pretty offensive...

Ninja GameTime: I'm silent but deadly. I learned the ancient ways of becoming a ninja and now I'm like a shadow. You can never see me... unless if you want to see me like right now, then yeah... yeah...

Rodney Bitbuck: I'm a salesman! I sell stuff! Buy my stuff!

Ratman: I'm merged myself with a rat during a freak ancient and now I'm a My powers include eating cheese quicker than humans, running fast, and being gross in general.

Cookie GameTime: I'm unique because I'm a cookie!

FrickBot030: I am the Frick030, model Q918. I serve my master and in return I will be your so-called acquaintance.

Bee GameTime: Hey, I'm a bee. Ya like jazz? I like jazz too...

FakeTelevisionSpace: Ahem, I'm live in Wik-

Wizard GameTime: Wizard GameTime: I am tho wizard king of Holden! I looketh after my kingdom and use my magic to keep shadow creature outist!

Sheriff GameTime: I'm the sheriff of my town. I usually drink too much and pass out afterwards but I always take out the bad guys... mostly. Yee-haw! (loud burp)

FakeTelevisionSpace: Seriously, guys! Can I go rig-

Phantom King GameTime: I enslave users in my phantom realm and take over other wikis! I can even dance pretty good since I'm the devil...

Phantom King GameTime dances horribly.

GameTime the Speedy Dog: I'm a rpeedy rog that can run really rast. Rorry, I speak with the letter R in front most of the rime.

Bad Drawn GameTime: HeY, mY nAmE iS BaD GaMeTiMe! I aM tHe BeSt GaMeTiMe! YoLo BrO fIdGeT sPiNnEr DaB lIt SqUaDfAm!

Baby GameTime makes baby noises.


Smarter GameTime: Hey. I'm Smarter Gam-


Smarter GameTime: Awww... they always bully me even though that I'm smarter... HEY! WHAT ARE YOU-

Multiple GameTimes pick up Smarter GameTime and throw him into a nearby dumpster.

Smarter GameTime: Aww....

Muscular GameTime: All right, introduce yourselves guys.

All of the GameTimes is silent.

Muscular GameTime: C'mon, guys. Don't be silent.

GameTime: I'm not silent, I'm GameTime.

Multiple GameTimes: Oooooooohhhhh!!!!!

Multiple GameTime clap.

They all cheer.

GameTime: Wait, why is everyone clapping?

FakeTelevisionSpace: GUYS, CAN I SAY-

Multiple GameTimes: NO!

FakeTelevisionSpace sadly walks away and sits next to the dumpster

Smarter GameTime: Welcome to the club, pal.

FakeTelevisionSpace: Shut up!

ChibiTime: Hey, everyone.

ChibiTime: I'm ChibiTime.

Bee GameTime: Wait, the ChibiTime?!

ChibiTime: Yeah... why?

Multiple GameTimes: ALL HAIL CHIBITIME.

GameTime: What's happening?

FrickBot030: That particular GameTime comes from the first dimension created...

FrickBot030: Scanning... Scanning...

FrickBot030: Fact: ChibiTime was the second GameTime ever created.


GameTime: ChibiTime, you're basically some kind of royalty?

GameTime: Why aren't you in your dimension?

GameTime: Wait, why did you leave your own dimension?

ChibiTime: Didn't I already tell you why I did when I first met you back last year?


GameTime is at the studio writing something in a notebook.

GameTime: Pretending to right something to keep myself busy... check.

Abby: Hey, GT. We have someone at the studio door that strangely looks exactly like you... except more small and cute-looking.

GameTime: It's probably one of those guys that want to leak all of my annoucements on 4Chan. Don't let the person in.

Violet: Too late! I let the person in! You guys can bond and be friends! I mean, uh... so-called acquittances...

GameTime: Ugh... who let Violet on guard duty again?

ChibiTime flies to GameTime.

ChibiTime: Hey, GameTime from this universe! I'm ChibiTime from Universe 38-71! I came here to tell you that I decided to move to this universe as... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...

GameTime ignores ChibiTime and pretends to write something else.

GameTime stops ignoring ChibiTime.

GameTime: Listen, kid. You're probably a big fan of me and I can't put you in this Sly Guy NEXT storyline since it has no storyline. But I can put you in the Halloween one where there's zombies and a talking crow and...

ChibiTime: Ok!

Flashback ends.

GameTime: And that's how you became apart into the Sly Guy presentations.

GameTime: Mostly because the ratings went slowly up when the Halloween one included a story.

ChibiTime: Huh... I guess you don't remember... Ok, then.

ChibiTime: Well, time to start back from the beginning.

GameTime: Uggghhh… anyone but him, please?

All GameTimes are quiet.

GameTime: C'mon, that guy didn't introduce himself!

GameTime points to FakeTelevisionSpace.

FakeTelevisionSpace: I'm a girl, you imbecile!

ChibiTime: My name is GameTime 38-71.

ChibiTime: You guys call me ChibiTime but I'm actually more known in my dimension as King Chibiru of the Small People.

GameTime: Uh, what...

ChibiTime: I'm the monarch of Dimension 38-71, also known as the "small children" or "chibi" universe.

Chibi GameTime: I am one of the very few rulers of the GameTime-Verse along with Zen GameTime, and Phantom King GameTime.

ChibiTime: I basically run the whole Chibi universe.

ChibiTime: I am the one who saved Wikia from my universe's enemies, The Light Ones.

GameTime: Oh, sort of like Galeem, right?

ChibiTime: No. They are monsters that come into the night and disguise themselves as darkness to eat the citizens of the Chibi world.

ChibiTime: I then became the great and mighty warrior known as Ookii.

ChibiTime: With my supernatural powers and my secret light hunter team, we help keep the monsters out of our universe.

ChibiTime: I met my gang of so-called acquaintances, saved Wikia a bunch of more times, didn't fall in love, ended up lonely forever...

ChibiTime: And ev...

GameTime: Just go to the point...

ChibiTime: After I became bored of being king, I decided to retire and become a ordinary citizen.

GameTime: Hey, that is what we GameTimes do... not care about anything and be lazy.

All GameTimes: Yep.

Wizard GameTime: Thou forgot that I am a king too you know!

ChibiTime: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

ChibiTime: After a stroll through the town, I went into the forest to relax and unwind...

ChibiTime: And then I saw him...

ChibiTime: Collin.

ChibiTime: He saw me in the woods and for some reason, he knew that I was the former king of this universe. He told that without a king my universe wont have any potentate... nobody to look after the people. He introduced me to the GameTime-Verse, where infinite versions of my reality exist.

ChibiTime: He then said that he was a ruler of his universe and was hoping through dimensions to see if anyone would want their universe to be taken care of. He offered me that if I let him be king of this universe, he would give me the power to travel through universes so I can explore all of them and learn about them. Since I was getting bored of this reality and wanting to gain knowledge of the other universes, I foolishly excepted and he then took over my dimension. Enslaved everyone I knew, destroyed my kingdom, and sent me to Universe 11-13.

ChibiTime: Your universe.

ChibiTime: Shortly afterwards, I met Crowley who saw me and we became best so-called acquittances, I mean, so-called... whatever.

ChibiTime: I've been banished here for so long that I completely forgot about my past and everything... until now.

ChibiTime: Well, I remembered little bits and parts of my universe when I found a flyer for one of your Sly Guy NEXT's and decided to fly there to see you.

GameTime: Wow.

GameTime: What a bunch of prattle. You have to try better than that in order to fool this guy.

ChibiTime: But what I'm saying is true! I am the mighty Chibiru!

GameTime: Whatever.

ChibiTime's eyes start to glow yellow and picks up GameTime telepathically.

GameTime: Oh no.

ChibiTime throws GameTime to the dumpster.

GameTime lands on it badly hurt and bruised.

GameTime: Ow.

Smarter GameTime: Ayyyy, we got a new member for the club here!

GameTime: Shut up, Smarter GameTime.

ChibiTime: Now, listen! We may all be different no matter what we are, what we look like, or what royalty status we have!

Wizard GameTime: I'm pretty high up there. Even higher than you, I bet!

Sheriff GameTime: Boy, are you really sure?

ChibiTime's eyes glow yellow again.

Wizard GameTime: No, I'm not.

ChibiTime: We all have one thing in common: We are all GameTimes… and all of us are equally talented, and funny, and...

ChibiTime: And mostly everything to be real here!

GameTime: I'm RealGameTime so I'm real all the time.

ChibiTime: Collin Collider is going to stop at nothing from destroying the GameTime-Verse. But it's time to show him that we are GameTimes and we will stop at nothing from keeping him out of our dimensions!


All GameTime cheer while ChibiTime is similing.

Cookie GameTime: It's time to show Collin how the cookie crumbles!

Phantom King GameTime: It's time to show him what the Phantom Underworld fells like. evil laugh

Ratman: It's time to show that rats aren't as bad as people think they are.

Sheriff GameTime: It's time to show why I love the GameTime-Verse so much.

Butt-Face GameTime: It's time to show that I'm more than just a butt all the time!

New Kid GameTime farts.

Butt-Face GameTime: Thanks for the compliment, New Kid. You finally said something positive about me and it warms my heart that...

New Kid GameTime walks away.

Butt-Face GameTime: Oh... uh, ok.


Several GameTime buys products from him.

Salesman GameTime: YES! YES! YES!!!!

FrickBot030: It's time to show that what I'm programmed to do doesn't define my capabilities!

Ninja GameTime: It's time to show the bad guys my sick ninja moves!

Bad GameTime: It'S TiMe To ShOw ThAt I mAtTeR eVeN iF I aM tOo Awesome FoR PeOpLe To ReAlIzE iT #CaNcElCoLlIn!

Baby GameTime makes cheering sounds.

Muscular GameTime picks up Baby GameTime and gets out a baby carrier. He puts him on it.


Smarter GameTime: It's time to show Collin that we are "Smarter" than him.

Wizard GameTime: It's time to show that all of these proud statements are true! Huzzah!

FakeTelevisionSpace: It's time to show that being the only female GameTime doesn't define who I am.

Zen GameTime: It's time to show that we rule this multiverse! Mostly, me, Wizard, Phantom King, and Chibi by the way.

GameTime: It's time to show that... aw man, you all stole the ones I was going to say.


Muscular GameTime: Wait, we all cant go... one lightning bolt wont be enough to take the 30 of us.

Professor Magnesium: We are still here you know.

Officer Lawson: We watched all of this happen.

FakeTelevisionSpace: Don't worry, boys.

FakeTelevisionSpace: I think I got a idea.

FakeTelevisionSpace: Let's start back at the beginning...

FakeTelevisionSpace: My name is FakeTelevisionSpace. I live in Wikia in the year 2019. I saved Wikia... met my gang of so-called acquaintances (Flipsky Business aka Molly Parkers, Vincent Dynamo, Adam Heartfield, Alice Magnesium, Chloe Lawson, and my pet cat, Speck. I became the Phantom Underworld ruler (Lady FakeTelevisionSpace), saved Wikia a bunch of more times, didn't fall in love, ended up lonely forever... and ever... but it's cool being alone, I guess.

FakeTelevisionSpace: But I got a idea!

FakeTelevisionSpace is shown with a bunch of wires.

GameTime is shown in a solider outfit, Professor Magnesium in a general outfit, and Lawson in a trooper outfit.

FakeTelevisionSpace: Why are you guys in different outfits?

GameTime: Because we need to look cool in battle.

Officer Lawson: This suit feels really tight on me.

Professor Magnesium: Let's go defeat Collin!

ChibiTime is shown in his Ookii outfit.

ChibiTime: The mighty Ookii returns!

Officer Lawson: Aw man, why does his armor look cooler than my trooper outfit?

Professor Magnesium: Because he's a all-powerful king and... you're.... not.

Officer Lawson: Uggghhh…. fair enough.

GameTime: Welp, what do we do?

FakeTelevisionSpace: You need to tie yourself in these long wires...

GameTime: Yeah...

FakeTelevisionSpace: Go to that pole...

GameTime: Yeah...

FakeTelevisionSpace: And tie yourself to that and try to get electrocuted...

GameTime: WAIT, WHAT?!

FakeTelevisionSpace: All of us will hold the wires and get electrocuted too and we'll all transport to Collin's dimension according to Magnesium 11-13's calculations on what dimension the lightning will take us to.

GameTime: Well, the GameTime-Verse doesn't make sense to me, but this does. Ok! Time to get shocked in style!

GameTime climbs a pole tied with a bunch of wires and ties himself to the pole.

All of the GameTimes hold on to the ends of the rope.

GameTime: Don't try this at home... or anywhere else, kiddos.

GameTime gets electrocuted.

Muscular GameTime: Wait, Zen! You coming with us?

Zen GameTime: No, Muscle GT. I'm going to stay here but don't worry. I will watch over all of you and help in case if anything happens in the battle.

ChibiTime: (mumbles) Yeah, he didn't watch over me and let me die when Galeem came...(edited)

Zen GameTime: (ignores) Well, good luck to you all and remember...

Zen GameTime: Do this for the entire GameTime-Verse.

All of the GameTime plus Magnesium and Lawson get shocked and all warp to Collin's dimension.

ChibiTime: Ok, guys. Since, I'm the GameTime that got you guys into all of this, I'm going to find him and GameTime's gang. Be right back.

FakeTelevisionSpace: Alrighty.

ChibiTime wanders throughout the dimension. The dimension is in ruins and deserted.

ChibiTime: Hello... anyone?

ChibiTime still wanders throughout the dimension.

ChibiTime: Where could he be?

Someone is seen behind ChibiTime.

ChibiTime turns around and shoots a laser at the person.

The person is actually GameTime.


ChibiTime: Huh? GameTime?

GameTime is revealed walking towards ChibiTime. His hand is over his eye.


ChibiTime: OH! OOPS! SORRY!

ChibiTime: Uh here... there's a bandage on the floor...

GameTime: Dude, I'm not putting that around my head.

ChibiTime: Just do it.

ChibiTime: I'm the leader of this mission.

GameTime: Fine.

GameTime puts the bandage around his head.

GameTime: Ugh, can't believe you shot me!

ChibiTime: Can't believe you were behind me this entire time when I said I was going to do this alone. Then I would've called you guys over...

GameTime: Whatever. Magnesium and Lawson are behind me as well.

Officer Lawson runs and stops out of breath.

Professor Magnesium is seen next to him walking towards the gang.



Officer Lawson: Did anyone just hear that...

Professor Magnesium: Someone's here.

All of them get in battle stance...

It is...


Crowley: Hey guys.

GameTime: Crowley, what the frick are you doing here?

Crowley: That Collin guy kidnapped us but we worked together to break free from his prison and escaped.

Crowley: Right, guys?

Fricksy Business, Abby, Violet, and Spot are shown walking behind Crowley.

GameTime: So, you guys broke free all by yourselves?

Fricksy Business: Well.. we didn't do it alone though.

Many different versions of Abby, Violet, Fricksy, Magnesium, Lawson, Spot, and Crowley show up behind them.

GameTime: WAIT, WHAT?

Spot: We broke out of Collin's prison but when we were about to fight him, these guys showed up from a rift and we worked together to get out and escape.


Everyone glances at GameTime.

GameTime: ALTERNATE VERSIONS OF MY... CASUAL ACQUITACNES. Ugh... I hate using that word since this is the internet, worked together without the alternate versions of me.

Fricksy Business: Well, I guess that's the power of friendship...

Fricksy Business: AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

GameTime: Hey, I usually say that.

GameTime: Next time, you use of my catchphrases, I'm going to banish you to the Phantom Underworld... FOREVER.

Fricksy and GameTime laugh and soon everyone starts to laugh.


A cosmic entity appears...

GameTime: Oh no, it's Collin!

???: Collin... that's one of my dimensional hitmen I hired to take out all of the GameTime-Verse.

???: Oh, no.. no.. no.. I'm not Collin... I'm the cosmic being... Vexx.

ChibiTime: What.

Vexx: And I'm here to destroy all of you worthless dimension parallels of puny users since my hitman couldn't disintegrate any of you.

ChibiTime: Welp, I guess it's time to fight.

Vexx: You'll never stop me! The end of your days begins now. Vexx turns into the size of the dimension and starts killing dimension parallels of the characters.

All of the dimension parallels plus the main cast start fighting Vexx in a numerous amount of ways and a all out war begins.

GameTime and the other characters fight but most of them are taken out by Vexx.

Collin then comes out of nowhere and gets a dimensional disintegrator ray. The main characters die and it's all over.

The battle is lost but something happens...

Zen GameTime watches over the battle and realizes that everyone are all dead.

Zen GameTime then recreates everyone again from scratch and the battle is back on with everyone is revived.

Muscular GameTime takes out Collin and ChibiTime puts the final blow on Vexx by flying to his face and hitting him with his sword and he is instantly defeated.

GameTime: Well, that was a quick battle.

GameTime: Feels like it was rushed...

GameTime: Anyway, we did it! You guys!

Everyone starts cheering and Collin and Vexx return to their home dimension.

Vexx: Well, you did it. You defeated me. You rule this day but I will have my revenge, but for now, take this as a reward.

Officer Lawson: The main bad guy is also nice?

Professor Magnesium: That's something...

Vexx gives ChibiTime a strange orb.


Vexx: No! It's a time wish orb.

Vexx: You can wish for anything.

Vexx: And I mean, anything.

Vexx: But no infinite wishes or any loophole to that.

Everyone sighs.

ChibiTime: Hmmm...

ChibiTime: Does including the word "and" work?

Vexx: Yeah, sure. Whatever. Just make it quick.

ChibiTime: I wish...

ChibiTime looks at Muscular GameTime and the other dimension parallels. He then thinks about Zen GameTime and then looks at a reflection of himself when looking at the orb.

ChibiTime: I wish for my people to be free from Collin's curse...

ChibiTime: and for Muscular GameTime to have his so-called acquaintances and dimension back...

ChibiTime: ..and Zen GameTime's so-called acquaintances too...

ChibiTime: ...and the ability to warp to my dimension and visit my kingdom whenever I want to.. and for GameTime as well... and for all of us and every GameTime, dimension, and so-called acquaintance to be alive again... and EVERY GAMETIME TO CO-RULE THE MULTIVERSE WITH ME!

GameTime: I can't believe he didn't wish for a girlfriend or anything...

GameTime: No GameTime has ever had one...

FakeTelevisionSpace: Yeah. I can't believe so as well.

Both look at each other.

FakeTelevisionSpace: You know you should come to my dimension sometime...

GameTime: I know what you're trying to say... but I can't do it.

FakeTelevisionSpace: What do you mean you know what I'm trying to say... to you...?

GameTime: Look... every GameTime is amazing in their way and I like all of them.

GameTime: There's cookie GameTime with... being a cookie.

Cookie GameTime: I'm a Cookie yo!

GameTime: There's Phantom King GameTime with being a frickin' demon!

Phantom King GameTime: You should try the ritual sometime! It feels great being king!

GameTime: There's even Bad Drawing GameTime with... um... I dont know actually. What are you good at?

Bad GameTime: Im A bAd DrAwInG bUt ThE bEsT BaD DrAwInG BrO.

GameTime: And there's even New Kid GameTime with the ability of being a obvious parody of some adult cartoon show.

New Kid GameTime: Frick you guys. I'm going home.

New Kid walks away.

GameTime: And then there's you...

GameTime: You're probably strong and funny and talented and amazing in all sorts of ways like me since you are me technically and unique to yourself and I like that of you. But if I were to date you, it wouldn't me right because I would be kind of dating myself and that's a little weird for me so no, I can't date you.

FakeTelevisionSpace: Oh no, I wasn't going to ask you that. I was just going to tell you that you should come to my dimension sometime. We have Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse except all of the characters are GameTimes. Like why would I date you? Heh heh.

FakeTelevisionSpace laughs.

GameTime: Oh... uh, yeah.

GameTime laughs.

GameTime: Can't believe they made a movie similar to this... heh heh.

FakeTelevisionSpace: I seen the movie already.

GameTime: I saw the regular version of the movie.

GameTime: It's ok I guess...

GameTime: Welp, it's time for me to go now...

GameTime: I have a Sly Guy NEXT to do that I definitely didn't postpone before...

GameTime: And...

FakeTelevisionSpace gets awkward and nervous.

FakeTelevision: Uh... yeah. Um... bye!

FakeTelevisionSpace kisses GameTime on the cheek and quickly warps off to her own dimension.

GameTime: What.

ChibiTime: Dude, did that girl version of you just kissed you on the cheek?

GameTime: YEAH...

ChibiTime: That's like so gross... I mean, dating yourself... c'mon, man.

GameTime: Yeah, that was really weird! I'm gonna ignore that completely! Come on, let's warp ourselves out of here!

GameTime blushes but smiles afterwards and warps to the regular GT dimension.

Muscular GameTime is shown warping to his own dimension now fully restored and seeing his gang of friends again.

Zen GameTime is chatting with his friends as well

ChibiTime's dimension is free from Collin's curse.

ChibiTime: Wait, I need to make one stop.

ChibiTime warps to his dimension and then warps back

GameTime: What happened?

ChibiTime: The kingdom is free but I decided not to return to my dimension. Dimension 11-13 will be my new home.

ChibiTime: I also made Chibi Fricksy the new ruler and the new Ookii.

GameTime: Nice! Let's all go home!

Vexx and Collin disappear and warp off.

All GameTimes, Crowleys, Violets, Fricksys, Lawsons, Magnesiums, Abbys, and Spots warp off to their own dimension.

The gang returns to their own dimension at the studio.

GameTime: Can't believe we are all back!

The Collider Machine explodes and the sky turns back to normal.

ChibiTime: Good thing I gave everyone dimension warping powers so we can travel to alternate dimensions again. Since we all have these powers forever now, where should we go?

GameTime: I think I had enough dimension warping for one day.

GameTime hears something outside and it's a bunch of protesters for making Waluigi not a playable character in LEGO Dimensions Crossover.

Jago is seen protesting with them since SomethingElseYT isn't a playable character.

The Worker is also seen protesting as well but he's just protesting in general.

The Worker: That guy over there should be in...

GameTime: I'm going to get rid of these protesters all by myself.

Collin's dimension is seen.

A GameTime warps out of a portal.

LEGO GameTime: It's me, LEGO GameTime!

LEGO GameTime: Here to take on...


LEGO GameTime: Frick! This is why I should never be late for those rebellion meetings... ugh.

LEGO GameTime warps back to his own dimension.

Back in the normal Webiverse. The next day... Abby and Violet are in the studio.

Abby: Can't believe that we didn't get any lines in the direct except for one in the flashback scene...

Violet: Yeah. It's like nobody cares about us. We're forgotten...

Some one breaks through the main entrance of the building...

???: Hey, girls. I need your help.

Abby: Who are you...

???: Let's just say that GameTime knows me.

Abby: Seriously, who are you...

???: I'm the most baddest princess you'll ever meet and I need your help to start a revolution against Bowser.

Abby: Well, why should we help you?

Violet: Yeah, what she said. I'm not helping anyone unless it's for my news team that STRESSES ME OUT ALL OF THE TIME.

Princess Bad Piranha Plant: Well, I'll give you all of this in return.

Princess Bad Piranha Plant brings out a ton of bitcoins.

Abby: Did you steal all of that?

Princess Bad Piranha Plant: Yep.

Abby: Dang, girl. That's a lot. Much more than I usually steal. Yeah, sure. We'll help you.

Princess Bad Piranha Plant: Great! And you, whatever your name is...

Violet: Uh... sure. I just don't want to hang here all by myself...

Princess Bad Piranha Plant: Alright, then let's go gals. But we need to make a few stops for pick up some girls...

Violet: Ok, then!

Princess Bad Piranha Plant: That's right! All female episode! All female story!!!

Abby: What is she talking about...


Abby: Ugghhh… I'll never get these adventures.

PBPP, Abby, and Violet run off.

The End.


  • This episode gives a backstory to the ChibiTime character.