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Fricksy and the Cool Kids is the thirteenth episode of Sly Guy NEXT. It is scheduled to be shown on May 10th, 2019 on Frick TV.


The crew visit and explore FANDOM University, while Fricksy Business uses their visit as a opportunity to reinvent himself and relive his college years the way he originally wanted to.


Prominent Characters

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Character Debuts

Costume Debuts

  • Cool Fricksy
  • Nerd GameTime


  • FANDOM University

Title Card Variation

  • The Sly Guy NEXT logo is shown but a skateboard and a pair of sunglasses are near the logo. On top of the logo is a backwards baseball hat.


GameTime and Fricksy’s apartment is shown and inside, Fricksy is looking at his college degree, which is framed and hung up on a wall in his room.

Fricksy: Heh. Glad that I decided to go to FANDOM University after all in Wikia... since it's the only college in Wikia.

GameTime barges into Fricksy's room.

GameTime: Oh! I didn't know you were in here! You know, I was going to borrow...

Fricksy: Steal my wallet without knowing? Nice try, dude. I always know.

GameTime: What kind of magic do you use in order to spy on me?

Fricksy: I'm not a sorcerer. If you want make it secretive and less obvious, then don't right a note saying "Hey, Fricksy. I'm stealing your wallet to buy stuff. I'll give it back to you which may or may not have less dollars than usual. Bye. From, GameTime".

GameTime: You know... I probably should. So, why did you frame a heading of a newspaper article on your wall?

Fricksy: It's actually my college degree I earned by completing my Business of Entertainment, Media, & Technology course at FANDOM University.

GameTime: FANDOM University? Ugh. I never got my degree from there.

Fricksy: Let me guess, you escaped and never returned as you're crazy?

GameTime: Nope, I flunked out because it was a Graphic Design course and I spent my time partying and having a good time. The professor also hated my drawing style.(edited)

Fricksy: Yeah. Your drawing style is... just the worst.

GameTime: Aw, man! I thought you were going to say something nice.(edited)

Fricksy: It's um... It's really bad.

GameTime: Is it though? Just look at it!

GameTime pulls out a piece of paper and draws a rat person on it. He shows it to Fricksy and the drawing is extremely terrible.

Fricksy: Well, it's not like anything else I've seen. That's why it's horrifying.

GameTime: Well, I guess it's goodbye, Randy Ratpack. It's been fun drawing you for the past few years, but now it's time to move on.

GameTime throws the drawing in the trash along with other characters he drew before.

Fricksy: You know what, we should visit FANDOM University again for nostalgia.

GameTime: No way. I really don't want to remember my experiences there. They were really... bad.

Fricksy: C'mon. I really want to see everything again. The first day tours, the cafeteria, the small classes they had with their little chairs to accompany it. Boy, when I sat in one of them, I got a lot of marks on my back. I think I still have them.

Fricksy shows GameTime the long marks on his back.

GameTime: You're litteraly giving me another reason why I don't want to go there.

Fricksy: But what about the clubs and activities? And the sport teams too? I remember one of the members of the football team threw a ball in my face and broke my glasses. Haha! I couldn't see for the whole day... but still, we should go there.

GameTime: I don't know...

Fricksy: There's a lumberjack club where people can eat unlimited pancakes while wearing beards.

GameTime: Well, that settles it! Pancakes, here we come!

Fricksy: Yes! We're going back to FANDOM University! In fact, let's invite the whole crew over.

GameTime: I guess. Wait, how are we going to enter the university?

Fricksy: GameTime, I think we already know a guy.

The crew drives to the entrance of the FANDOM University in the Road Rusher.

The car approaches the entrance and a security guard is shown.

Security Guard: Sir, state your purpose of traveling to FANDOM University.

GameTime: Uh, I have one of the head professors in the back.

The security guard looks at Fricksy.

Security Guard: Sir, that person doesn't look like a professor here. More like a high school nerd of some kind.

Crowley: Wow. That security guard just burned you good, Fricksy.

GameTime: Heh heh. That was funny. But that's not him, it's the other guy.

The security guard looks at Lawson.

Security Guard: That's a police officer, sir.

GameTime: No, the other guy.

The security guard looks at Spot.

Security Guard: Very funny. Sir, if you're referring to your dog, we only allow service animals and companions to the campus.

Spot: Hey, I help others only if I am rewarded with a treat afterwards. Otherwise, they can do stuff themselves.

GameTime: No! It's litteraly the guy with goggles and a lab coat and... everything! Professor Magnesium! He's right here in my car!

Security Guard: Oh hey, Professor Magnesium! Good day!

Magnesium: Good day to you, Bruce! I just want to give my friends a nice tour around the campus, if that's ok.

Security Guard: Of course, anything for you, Professor. I'll be opening the gates now.

The security guard opens the gates.

Magnesium: Thank you, Bruce!

The Road Rusher is shown entering the campus parking lot. GameTime is having a hard time finding a parking spot.

GameTime: Ugh! This is going to take forever!!!!

Violet: Wait, what about that spot over there? Wait... Oh. Never mind. That guy stole it.

Lawson: Let me get out of the car and distract that car over there from getting that spot with my policeman skills.

Abby: Wait, go over there and drive as fast as you can to that spot!

Abby points to a spot.

Magnesium: You can’t! Someone is backing up into it!

GameTime: Don’t worry, fellas. I got an idea!

GameTime makes a path and crashes his car into a tree.

Magnesium: Oh my! Why did you do that, GameTime?

GameTime: Sometimes you have to make your own parking spot.

Fricksy: Well, it’s better than waiting. C’mon! C’mon! I really want to enter!

Crowley: Ok... Yeeesshhh... Wait for us, you nerd.

Spot: Ok, if anyone asks about me, I’m a service dog.

Fricksy: Dude, we literally sneak you into every place that has a pet restriction without noticing. I think you’re fine.

The crew enters the campus and sees all of the sights and people around the campus.

Fricksy: Ah, I remember everything just by being here. The weird art sculptures...

Some students look at an bizarre art sculpture which resembles a face.

Student: I can’t even tell if it has a nose or a mouth!

Fricksy: The food at the cafeteria...

Fricksy and the crew is looking through the window of the cafeteria. A cafeteria lady comes out and puts a bunch of slop in one of the food trays.

Cafeteria Lady: Today’s Special is Slop... again.

Student: Oh yeah, I’ve been waiting all week for this!

Student: And just everyone around you is nice!

A bunch of students are riding on bikes. Other students are running after them.

Student: Hey! They stole our bikes!

ChibiTime: Heh, I got to admit. This looks like a pretty decent campus to live in.

A bunch of students dressed in hoodies, long pants, shoes, sunglasses, and backward baseballs caps approach ChibiTime on skateboards.

Cool Kid: Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like some kindergartener just crossed on our campus.

ChibiTime: Hey, I’m not a kid! I’m a childman, which is the opposite for manchild!

Cool Kid: Yeah, well... Get lost! Little kids like you don’t deserve to be on our campus.

The Cool Kids push ChibiTime to the ground and go on their skateboards. They all ride away.

GameTime: Wow.... Those kids were cool.

Fricksy: Yeah. I guess so...? Let’s just continue exploring the campus.

The crew continue to walk through the university.

Abby: So Magnesium, you work and teach here every single day?

Magnesium: Yep! Afterwards, thats when I create my usual Wikia changing inventions and such.

Crowley: Or more like Wikia ending inventions.

Magnesium: Speaking of teaching, I got to instruct my technology class in a few minutes! I have to head off! Have a fun experience in FANDOM University without me!

Magnesium runs off.

Fricksy: Ok, bye! Now, let’s head off...

A tour guide bumps into Fricksy.

Tour Guide: Oh, I’m so sorry for bumping into you! Wait, you look like you are all new here. Are you all here for the college tour because if you are, it’s happening right here? Hehe....

Fricksy: No, no. I’m just touring with my friends today. I already graduated from the university long ago.

Tour Guide: Oh, really? That’s nice. How was your experience back then?

Fricksy: It was good.

Tour Guide: Like the whole experience?

Fricksy: The whole experience? Uh...

Fricksy starts remembering his college experience as a undergraduate.

Fricksy is attending his business class while other students pull pranks on him such as pulling his chair and stealing his belongings.

Fricksy is studying at night for exams while parties and events are happening throughout the university.

Fricksy is trying to make friends with other classmates but is too shy to do and they all continue to pull pranks on him.

Fricksy’s flashbacks end.

Fricksy: Oh my gosh... I have to go...

Fricksy runs away.

A few students from the nearby business school stand next to the crew.

Business Student: Ha! What a nerd!

Crowley: I know right.

Business Student: Hey! Get outta here, bird!

The business students try to shoo away Crowley and Crowley tries to fly away from them.

Crowley: Ahhhh!!! I thought we were just agreeing on something!

ChibiTime: What was that all about?

Abby: I don’t know. Let’s follow him. C’mon!

Fricksy exits the university and hides behind the Road Rusher trying not to remember his terrible college years.

GameTime bangs his head on the window.

Fricksy: Ah!

GameTime: Oh, hey Fricksy.

Fricksy: What are you doing here?

GameTime: You’re in my car...

Violet: We saw you running away a few seconds ago. What happened?

The crew appears waking up to GameTime while Lawson runs to them a few seconds afterwards.

Lawson: Oh, man. Sorry I’m late. Some guard chased me thinking I was working for security and escaping. Now, I pepper sprayed so that’s fun.

Fricksy: It’s that... I wasn’t really social and likable to my peers back when I was studying and working hard to earn my degree. Like I didn’t participate in any activities or clubs during my stay at the university and I was the victim of bullying every single day. Now, that I’m back here and remembering all of this again, I just don’t know what to do.

Spot: Oh, let me help! I’m a special service dog, remember?

Fricksy: You know what, what is your solution this time?

Spot: Let’s get out of here and go to the studio.

Fricksy: But then, we’ll have to work and working will remind me of those memories.

Spot: Well, I tried. Now, where’s my treat?!

GameTime: Or maybe you can fix your college years by attending the university... again.(edited)

Fricksy: I don’t know. That’s a crazy idea. Do they even allow that?

Lawson: I mean, crazier stuff has happened to Wikia before. It might be plausible.

Fricksy: I mean, I would but then, I wouldn’t be able to see you guys anymore. In order to get the true FANDOM University college experience, a student needs to live and stay on the campus.

GameTime: Well, then they’ll have to enroll me!

Fricksy: You’re joking, right?

GameTime: Nope. If you’re going to do this, then so will I. I’m going to graduate from Graphic Design class and this time, I’ll make them like my drawing style.

Fricksy: You know what, if you’re serious about this, then what the heck... Sign me up!

The crew cheers for Fricksy.

Spot: I still want my treat!!!

GameTime and Fricksy walk through the entrance of FANDOM University and enter the campus again.

Spot: What do we do now?

Crowley: Let's just go back to the studio. Those business jerks make me sick.

The others walk to the studio.

GameTime: Alright, Fricksy. I’m going to teach you how to look cool and be confident in yourself.

Fricksy: What?! I don’t need any advice. I look cool. Don’t I?

GameTime stares at him for a few seconds.

GameTime: Uh, yeah... I guess so... A bit.

GameTime and Fricksy see the Cool Kids skateboarding and passing them.

GameTime: I want to be like those guys.

Fricksy: Really? Those guys bullied ChibiTime a few minutes ago.

GameTime: Yeah. That’s why I want to be like them. Oh, look. We’re here.

GameTime and Fricksy approach the registration booth.

Registration Lady: Hello! Welcome to FANDOM University! You must be new here, right?

Fricksy: Actually, we attended the university before but we both decided that we want to be enrolled again.

GameTime: I didn’t graduate!

Registration Lady: Wow. You both have a lot of FANDOM U spirit attend FANDOM University for a second time. Glad to hear it.

Fricksy: Well, I do. He doesn’t.

GameTime: Dude... seriously?

Registration Lady: Well, you can head inside Magnesium Hall behind me in order to take your photo. Since this is your second time coming here, you better make it better than your first one.

Fricksy: I will... I...

Fricksy remembers when he took his first photo. He accidentally sneezes as the cameraman takes the picture. The final result is a blurred out Fricksy.

GameTime: Fricksy, how bad was your original picture?

Fricksy: Extremely bad.

GameTime: Well, all you got to do is tilt you head, smirk, fall off your chair, and BAM! Picture done!

Fricksy: Wait, what?

GameTime: I’ll show you inside. Come on, let’s go.

GameTime and Fricksy enters Magnesium Hall are approaches a room where a woman is taking pictures of new students. The other students are on a line.

GameTime pushes another student off the chair. He then faces the camera, tilts his head, and smirks. When the woman is taking the picture, GameTime falls off the chair.

Fricksy: GameTime, are you ok?

GameTime: It was worth it.

The woman looks at the photo and it looks like GameTime is smirking while diving down looking left.

Fricksy: Ok. I’m definitely not doing that. I’m gonna take a regular, normal picture without falling down.

GameTime: Ok, suit yourself. By the way, the floor is a little bit wet.

Woman: Yeah. This used to be the janitor’s closet.

Fricksy goes to the seat and smiles. Fricksy checks his shoes and the slipperiness of the floor makes Fricksy fall down while the woman takes the picture.

Fricksy: Ahhhh!!! Dang it! My photo!

The woman looks at the photo and it looks Fricksy is smiling while diving down looking right.

Fricksy: It’s ruined! Can you please retake it?

Woman: Unfortunately, no. There’s a long line behind you. You had your chance.

Fricksy: Ugh!!! Why did you even tell me to fall off my chair as good advice?! It's like you cursed me or something!

GameTime: Because everyone likes comedy. When people see our pictures, they are going to laugh and we’ll be acknowledged as the funniest students on the campus!

Fricksy: Whatever. Let’s just get our orientation packets from the registration lady and go onto the tour.

GameTime and Fricksy get their profile picture cards. They then get their packets and join the tour from before.

Tour Lady: Hey, it’s you from before. Sorry if I scared you off from earlier...

Fricksy: It’s alright. It was something I was thinking about before but now I’m fixing that by enrolling myself back here!

Tour Lady: Why exactly?

Fricksy: To fix something I should’ve fixed a long while along.

Tour Lady: Well, ok. Not going to question your life choices... cause I just did!

The tour continues and shows all of the locations of the campus. They head to the football field.

Tour Lady: Here is the football field, home to all 54 of our sports teams, including FANDOM University’s own Modball team.

Fricksy: What is Modball?

A bunch of students are trying to catch a ball while altering the game with weapons and structures and altering themselves. A student mode himself to become giant and pushes away the other students. He grabs the ball and throws it into the goal.

Fricksy: Woah.

Tour Lady: A bunch of people went into the hospital because of altering the game too much. But from what I’ve heard, it’s worth it.

GameTime: Oh man, now I have to try that.

The tour group enter the Science School and watch a bunch of scientist build inventions in a lab from a window.

Tour Lady: And we have the science school where students are inventing and learning about innovative machines and technology every day.

A student shows a student an invention she’s been working on.

Student: Does that have any lasers?

Student: No, it doesn’t.

Student: We need the machine to contain lasers for our project due Thursday.

Student: Dang it! I forgot! Well, let’s burn it and build a new one!

Student: On it!

One of the students burn the machine.

Fricksy: Huh, I guessing this is one of Magnesium’s classes...

GameTime: Yeah...

Tour Lady: Alright, moving on.

The tour group moves on.

A student looks at GameTime’s card.

Student: Hahahaha! Nice card picture, man!

GameTime: I know, it’s the greatest card picture ever.

Student: Yeah! Hey, everyone! Look at this dude’s picture on his card!

A bunch of students flock to GameTime. Fricksy is surrounded by students. He tries to escape from the crowd but accidentally pushes the tour guide.

Tour Lady: Hey!

Fricksy: I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to...

Fricksy accidentally gets bumped into and pushes the tour lady down to the ground.

Tour Lady: Why is this happening to me?!

A bunch of students watch it as the events take place.

Student: Woah! That guy knocked down the tour guide! That’s awesome!

A bunch of students cheer for him and the Cool Kids are shown riding their skateboards. The Cool Kids notice the events taking place and look at him smiling.

Cool Kid: Man, what the nerd guy did there. That was pretty cool.

Cool Kid: Pretty cool, indeed.

Cool Kid: I can definitely see him joining us since he has coolness potential.

Cool Kid: Whatever. We need to see more of him first. Cool Kids, let’s ride out of here.

Cool Kid: Yeah! The coolest way to ride out!

They all skateboard off. One tries to do a skateboard trick but fails and hits the ground.

Cool Kid: Dude, that was not cool... Oh...

The Cool Kid gets up and walks away.

GameTime and Fricksy find each other.

GameTime: Hey, look, Fricksy! It worked! I’m popular now! I wish Sly Guy NEXT was like this...

A student looks at Fricksy’s card picture.

Student: Hey, look! This guy has it too! Let’s overwhelm them with popularity!

The students head over to Fricksy.

Fricksy: Yeah. I kind of like it and all but we should sneak over to somewhere else. Hey, why not go to the Club Fair? I see it over there!

GameTime: Sure.

Fricksy: I’m gonna sneak like how I avoid those annoying librarians at the local library.

GameTime: Man, your life is so dull.

GameTime and Fricksy lower down and sneak their way out of the crowd. They then approach the club fair which a bunch of boots are set up to each represent a club that university offers. They begin to walk through the fair.

GameTime: Now, we have to join the most exciting and thrilling clubs this university has to offer!

Fricksy: Or we can join something simple like the Beacon Times Newspaper Club.

The Beacon Times Newspaper Club is shown trying to persuade students to join their club.

Beacon Times Member: Come join the Beacon Times! Write stories with us! Please! We’re desperate! We’re desperate...

The Beacon Times Member starts to cry.

Another Beacon Times Member brings out a tray of cookies.

Beacon Times Member: Join us! We have cookies!

A student then steals the tray from them.

Beacon Times Member: We have newspapers too!

Another student steals the newspaper and throws it in a garbage can next to them.

Beacon Times Member: And we still have our...

Another student trashes the booth.

Beacon Times Member: I was going to say our photocopier machine but yeah, that works too.

GameTime: Yeah, let’s find some better clubs to participate in.

GameTime and Fricksy move along to see the other clubs.

They approach the Emerging Artists Club, where they are approached by a female student.

Female Student: Hello. I’m Melody and thank you for your interest in approaching the Emerging Artists Club booth.

Fricksy: And what do you do in your club exactly?

Melody: Glad you asked! In the Emerging Artists Club, members get to promote their music and perform live in front of other students.

Fricksy: I don’t know, man. I really get nervous when in front of crowds.

GameTime: Well, this is a cool club I want to be apart of. I’ll sign the both of us on it!

Fricksy: Wait, wait, wait!

Melody hands out a sign up sheet and GameTime signs both of their names on it.

Melody: Well, I’m glad both of you signed up! Glad to see more fellow musicians joining! We’re one of the popular clubs in this campus.

Fricksy: I’m actually not joining... He forced me to...

GameTime covers Fricksy’s mouth.

GameTime: He says he’s not actually joining until you tell us when is the first meeting for the club.

Melody: Oh, well. This year’s first meeting is next Tuesday in the Neon Hall.

GameTime: Great! We’ll see you there!

Melody: Ok. Bye!

GameTime walks away pulling Fricksy with him.

Fricksy: Why the heck did you sign me up for it?

GameTime: Because in order to be cool, you got to join the most popular clubs. I’m gonna sign us up for more clubs!

Fricksy: Wait... Wait... Wait!

The Cool Kids Spot Fricksy again.

Cool Kid: Huh, there he is again. Should we talk to him?

Cool Kid: I don’t know. Is he cool enough to talk to?

Cool Kid: I mean all he has to do is get a new hairstyle, get rid of that tie, change his belt color, change his shirt, take off his classes, give me new shoes...

Cool Kid: What about his glove on his hand?

Cool Kid: I guess that’s pretty cool enough. Let’s approach him...

The Cool Kids skateboard over to Fricksy and surround him.

Fricksy: What the? Who are you guys?

Cool Kid: Who are we? Hahahahaha! Let’s just say that we’re the coolest kids in all of FANDOM University! But that specifically doesn’t matter right now! What matters is that you have the potential to join our gang. We’ve been seeing you joining cool clubs and doing cool things like pushing that stupid tour guide and that cool picture of your card lately and we must say that we’re impressed.

Fricksy: Well, I didn’t mean to do all of those things... It’s just that....

Cool Kid: Yeah. Yeah. That’s what they always say. Well, if you ever want to be apart of the coolest students on the campus, find us at our apartment near Neon Hall.

Fricksy: Ok... I guess?

Cool Kid: And if you can’t, you can call us. Here is the Cool Kids cool phone number.

A Cool Kid hands a small piece of paper with the Cool Kids’ phone number to Fricksy.

Cool Kid: Call us whenever you can. But if you visit us, you might want to lose the glasses and all. Peace out.

The Cool Kids use their skateboards to ride away.

The same Cool Kid from Before attempts to do the trick again but fails and lands on the floor.

Cool Kid: Aw, not again!

The Cool Kids are gone. Fricksy looks at the piece of paper.

Fricksy: Well, that happened...

Fricksy throws the piece of paper in a nearby garbage can.

GameTime runs up to Fricksy.

GameTime: Fricksy! There you are! I just signed us up for 9 clubs! Including the Lumberjack Club you mentioned earlier today!

Fricksy: What?!

GameTime: Yep! Thank me later! Now, let’s get our dorms!

Time skips to GameTime and Fricksy approaching the same room realizing that they are sharing a dorm.

Fricksy: And what a surprise.

GameTime: I never saw this coming...

GameTime: Welp, our dorm is empty...

Fricksy: No, no, no. I’m not rooming with you like back in the apartment. I’m changing!

GameTime: C’mon, dude. I made us room together!

Fricksy: You did?

GameTime: I may have... forced the dorm guy to put us in the same room.

Fricksy: Dude, why are you even doing this?!

GameTime: So, I can give you cool advice all the time!

Fricksy: I still feel like what you’re doing is very unnecessary.

GameTime: Trust me, it’s helpful. Here’s your next advice. Now, all you have to do is keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll all work out at the end. Also, say game-time in front of everything. It's cool. I do it all the time.

Fricksy: Ok? Now, let’s get to class. Um...?

GameTime: Wait a minute, we haven’t picked out our majors and minors yet.

Fricksy: Oh, well. Let’s do it quick and then do everything else...

A montage starts and GameTime and Fricksy choose their classes.

GameTime tells Fricksy advice but he ignored it. Fricksy picks Graphic Design as he wants to get his degree from it. Fricksy picks another business related major and GameTime secretly changes it to Game Developer. Fricksy then realizes the change afterwards and angrily heads onto his new class.

The Cool Kids notice him in the Game Developer class and agree with each other that it’s pretty cool. They ride off.

Fricksy tries to make a video game but the process is too hard. He gets stressed and furious when the computer deletes all of it’s data all of a sudden. He accidentally pushes his computer off his chair and breaks it. The other students in the class acknowledge how cool the action was. The Cool Kids are also shown in the class looking at him and smiling. Fricksy is shown making friends with students.

GameTime shows a professor his drawing on his drawing tablet in his Graphic Design class and the professor is disgusted by the drawing as it looks terrible. A bunch of kids laugh at GameTime and throw stuff at him.

Fricksy is shown playing Modball with other students. He has no idea how to play be mods himself to gain a jetpack and a laser gun. He accidentally then shoots a person and takes the ball. He then hits a pole and lets go of the ball which lands into the goal. The other students cheer and clap for him. The Cool Kids cheer for him as well. Fricksy smiles.

GameTime is shown playing and tries to mod himself with a high tech suit. He doesn’t know how to control and flies throughout the battlefield. He crashes down to the ground while all of the students are laughing at him.

Fricksy tries to find the library but instead ends up arriving at a hall where a party is taking place at. Fricksy tries to escape but there are too many students around. The Cool Kids see him and talk to each other about the possibility of letting him into their gang. The other students see him and greet him. They all party afterwards while Fricksy is happy.

GameTime tries to make it to a party but ends up at the library. He then gets bullied a bunch of students afterwards.

The Emerging Artists club is shown and Fricksy is being confident in himself and singing a song. Afterwards, the others congratulate him and the Cool Kids are shown clapping for him as well.

Afterwards, GameTime is then shown singing a song but it turns out that behind him, she has Melody’s song writing journal which he stole. Melody notices and takes it from him. She then punches him and leaves a big bruise on his eye.

GameTime and Fricksy are setting up their dorm. Fricksy puts everything nicely while GameTime puts everything as quick as possible. Everything toppled over GameTime and Fricksy is shown completing his side of the room. GameTime is shown getting a little bit furious afterwards. GameTime and Fricksy walk through FANDOM University next to each other.

Fricksy: I have to admit GameTime, but I did not expect your advice to work... Thanks to you, I have new friends and I’m a little bit confident in my self now... kind of.

Student: Heads up, Fricksy!

A Modball player throws a ball to Fricksy and Fricksy successfully catches it. Fricksy throws it back.

Fricksy: Good throw, Mike!

Student: Good catch to you! See you later, Fricksy!

Fricksy: Ok!

The Modball player is gone.

Fricksy: I got hit in the head with that exact ball last week before I met him. I owe you one, GameTime... Maybe two or three. I don’t know anymore!

GameTime: Huh. That’s how many you owe?

Fricksy: Probably... Can you just please keep giving me advice throughout the entire semester?

GameTime: Oh, that contradicts what I was about to say to you just now.

Fricksy: And what is it?

GameTime: I’m not giving you advice anymore.

Fricksy: What?! Why?!

GameTime: Look, there are... times that you need to stop... giving people advice and let them branch out on their own and... this is now.

A few students come up to GameTime and spray silly string on him.

Student: Haha! Loser!

Student: Yeah! Get silly stringed, fool!

The two students high five and head off.

Fricksy: Wait a minute, you're stopping on giving me advice because you want me to... forget about it and become less cooler than you? Is that what this is all about?

A bunch of students come up to GameTime and Fricksy arguing.

GameTime: I can't let you be cooler than me. Like c'mon. I'm way cooler than you in every single way possible! My clothes, my style, and my sweet pranks! You're out of your league!

Fricksy: Yeah and how many people think you are cool?

Nobody sides with GameTime and instead sides with Fricksy.

GameTime: Um... well... I give you advice and told you exactly what to do in order to be popular around here! Without me, you would be nothing! You hear me! You would be nothing!

Fricksy punches GameTime. Everyone is shocked. After a few seconds, they all cheer for Fricksy.

Fricksy: And as you can all see, I am the literal definition of cool!

The students start cheering for Fricksy. GameTime gets up.

GameTime: So, that's how it's going to be, huh?

GameTime punches Fricksy. Everyone is shocked again. The students boo GameTime.

GameTime: Yeah! Did you see that everyone? I knocked him out in one punch! Applaud me! Applaud me! Fricksy gets up and tackles GameTime. The two start to fight on the ground. Everyone is chanting "Fight" over and over again. GameTime twists Fricksy's arm while Fricksy slaps GameTime multiple times. GameTime kicks Fricksy and Fricksy pushes GameTime away and hits his head onto him. GameTime gives Fricksy a wet willy while Fricksy kicks GameTime.

Melody sees them.

Melody: Guys! What the heck are you doing?

Fricksy: Showing that I'm the coolest!

GameTime: No! I'm the coolest!

Fricksy: No! I'm the coolest!

GameTime: No! I'm the coolest!

Fricksy: No, I am!

GameTime: No, I am!

Fricksy: No, I-

Melody breaks them apart.

Melody: Stop fighting! You're tearing each other apart!

GameTime: You know what, have fun using my advice! Cause using it or not, I'm still cooler!

Fricksy: Oh yeah? I'll show you who's cooler! I'm going to be the coolest kid on the campus!

GameTime: Fine!

Fricksy: Fine!

Melody: What just happened...

Melody checks her pockets.

Melody: Where's my journal?

Melody turns to GameTime.

Melody: You again!

GameTime: And that's my cue to leave...

GameTime runs away while Melody chases him and screams.

Everyone goes back to their business.

Fricksy: I'll show you that I'm cooler. But, I'm gonna need some help as well...

Fricksy looks at the apartment next to Neon Hall.

Fricksy: I think I know who to approach.

Fricksy goes into the apartment and finds a door with spray paint and carving.

Fricksy: This looks like the one.

Fricksy knocks on the door.

A cool kid slowly opens it.

Cool Kid: What's the password?

Fricksy: Password?

Cool Kid: Yeah. The password.

Fricksy: Uh, you never told me the password.

Cool Kid: We did.... Did we?

Fricksy: You didn't.

Cool Kid: Oh... Well, access granted?

The cool kid opens the door.

Cool Kid: So, you came to your senses and desire to be one of us?

Cool Kids: (off-screen) One of us, one of us, one of us!

Cool Kid: Not now, dudes.

Cool Kids: (off-screen) Aww.....

Cool Kid: Well, then we have some work to do. Come inside.

A Cool Kid opens the door. Fricksy enters inside. The other Cool Kids are inside.

Fricksy: Nice room. It's really cool.

Cool Kid: Thanks, bro. Well, we haven't properly introduced ourselves to do so here we go. That's Ray, Warren, Adam, and Earl. I'm Biff, the leader of the cool kids and the coolest one of all.

Ray: So cool.

Adam: Very cool.

Earl: Too cool for school.

Warren: He's cool because if I say he's not, I'll get thrown out of here.

Biff: So Fricksy, we've been seeing you throughout the past few weeks and we honestly say that we want you to be apart of our-

Fricksy: Yes.

Biff: Wait, seriously?

Fricksy: Yes, I would like to join the Cool Kids and be cool.

Biff: Alright, before you become an official member of the Cool Kids Gang, I must speak to the other members first.

Biff discusses with the other members.

After a while, they finish and turn to Fricksy.

Fricksy: So did you discuss about me?

Biff: What? No, we were discuss about how are we going to ace tomorrow's exam without studying. And yeah, we all talked about it before.

Earl: We all think you're cool.

Adam: Super cool.

Ray: Extremely cool.

Warren: Too cool for this club.... I mean, you're cool. You're cool!

Biff: Alright, I hereby declare you an official member of the Cool Kids Gang!

Fricksy: Alright! So, what do we do now?

Biff: We show the campus that we're cool... in style. Let's head out there, boys!(edited)

The other Cool Kids exit the room.

Biff: Oh yeah, Fricksy. You might need this.

Biff hands Fricksy a skateboard.

Biff: You sure you wanna be a Cool Kid?

Fricksy stares at GameTime talking to Melody, which in return is furious at him.

Fricksy: Heck yeah, I do.

Melody is shown snatching her journal back from GameTime.

Melody: Dude, why are you taking my journal constantly?

GameTime: Because I wanted to steal one of your songs... in order to perform it in front of a live audience in the campus.

Melody: Well, if you're doing that, then I'm performing it with you.

GameTime: Aw man, do we really have to sing together if I want to use your song?

Melody: Well, do you want to use it or not?

GameTime: Ugh... fine.

GameTime and Melody start walking throughout FANDOM University.

GameTime: So, how did you become cool?

Melody: Well, I performed everywhere and people liked my music. That's how I became "cool" or whatever.

GameTime: But that's going to take forever! Fricksy's probably cooler than me right now somehow! I got to show him who is the cooler person fast!

Melody: Well, a way that you can cool is by being the most talented and smartest student in your classroom. People like smart guys a lot.

GameTime: And you're sure it will work?

Melody: Totally. I know a few popular guys in my music class that are total know-it-alls. People love them. If you put all of your focus in your work, people will love you.

GameTime: Wow. I never thought about it that way.

Melody: Hey, popularity comes in many different forms.

GameTime: I'll do that then. Hey, is it possible to use your songs still?

Melody: You know what? Go ahead. Just make sure to credit me on stage wherever you sing it.

GameTime: So, you're letting me use it that easily after all of that before?

Melody: Well, you think I'm cool and I appreciate it. I'm gonna act cool to you this time.

GameTime: Aw yeah!

Melody: I'll also teach you how to play the guitar for the song, my treat, and in return, you have to do my homework for the next couple of days.

GameTime: Sounds like a plan.

GameTime and Melody are shown walking in the path as before throughout the university.

GameTime: Were we talking through the same path this entire time?

Melody: We sure have.

GameTime and Melody laugh.

Fricksy is getting changed in a bathroom stall.

Fricksy: It's time to rewrite history and relieve my college years again... under a new persona.

Fricksy takes off his glasses and gets changed into a baseball cap sideways, sandals, a shirt and short pants.

Fricksy carries his skateboard in his hand and walks out.

GameTime is then seen getting changed in a bathroom stall.

GameTime: Let's see those college kids laugh at me now when I become smarter than them.

GameTime puts on a pair of glasses and gets changed into a vest, brown pants, and white shoes.

GameTime gets out a pencil and walks out.

A montage is shown of GameTime and Fricksy trying to be cool in different ways.

Fricksy and the Cool Kids skateboard around the university pushing, kicking, and bullying students.

GameTime is shown studying for his Graphic Design class and impressing the teacher with his newfound drawing skills and techniques.

Fricksy and the Cool Kids takes a student out of his car and steals it. Fricksy is driving. They drive it around Wikia and crashes it into a bookstore. They all laugh.

GameTime is shown taking pictures of a Modball game as apart of the Beacon Times newspaper. The club members write about it and laugh while telling stories about the university.

Fricksy and the Cool Kids party in the gym as they spray painting the walls and dancing. Other athletic students start to join in.

GameTime performs Melody's song in front of others and everyone is clapping for him while Melody watches from a distance.

GameTime: I'm cooler than Fricksy!

Fricksy: I'm cooler than GameTime!

The cafeteria is shown. GameTime and Melody is sitting at a table. Fricksy and the Cool Kids approach him. Fricksy knocks GameTime out of his seat.

GameTime: Hey, what do you think you're doing.... Holy moly, Fricksy?!

Fricksy: Ey, GameTime?! What happened to you?

GameTime: Gave myself a pair of glasses and became cool.

GameTime cannot see anything with the glasses.

GameTime: What happened to you?

Fricksy: Got rid of glasses, yo!

Fricksy cannot see anything without his glasses.

Fricksy: What happened to you?

GameTime: I just told you...

Fricksy: Oh, yeah. Right. Anyway, I'm cool now as I'm a cool kid now.

GameTime: Yeah and I'm cool by working hard, studying hard, and being a all-around fun person.

Fricksy: Well, later, sucker. Me and the boys are gonna get lunch.

Melody: So, GameTime, how do you feel?

GameTime: I feel good. That was some good advice you gave me a few weeks back.(edited)

Melody: Thanks. I aim to please.

Fricksy and the Cool Kids get their lunch which is slop.

Biff: So, you know what to do?

Fricksy: Yep. Watch this.

Fricksy throws food at GameTime.

GameTime: What the? You!!!!

Fricksy: What, are you going to fight back or are you not cool enough to do so?

Melody: GameTime, just ignore him.

GameTime: Errrugghhh… Yeah, you're right. I'm cool enough to not fight back like a child.

Melody: Good job, GameTime.

Fricksy: Oh, is that so? Well, I guess that I am cooler after all.

GameTime: You're not... I am for not making a move. It'd be illogical to do so.

Fricksy: Then, admit it. I'm cooler than you in every way possible. Like, c'mon! Are you going to stand there like a wimp? Throw it at me! Throw it at me!

GameTime throws food at Fricksy but misses.

Melody: GameTime, what are you doing?!

GameTime: I'm defending myself against the monster I created.

Fricksy: Monster?! Monster?!!! Hahaha! And you don't say you're one?

GameTime: Well, just to be clear, you-

Fricksy whacks GameTime with a food tray.

GameTime: Ahhhh!!! Why did you do this?!

GameTime punches Fricksy in the stomach.

Fricksy: Ow! You're gonna pay for that?!

Fricksy throws slop at GameTime.

GameTime: Is this food spicy or something?! My eyes is burning! It's burns!!!

GameTime gets the food off his face and throws a milk carton at Fricksy.

Fricksy: Ahhhh!!! My clothes! They're wet!

GameTime hits Fricksy with his backpack pushing back the students.

GameTime: Now, as I was saying you-

Fricksy kicks GameTime in the arm knocking him to the ground.

GameTime: Oh, it's on.

Fricksy: Bring it!

Student: Food fight!!!!

All of the students start throwing food at each other and GameTime and Fricksy continue to throw food at one another.

Melody: I gotta get out of here...

Melody sneaks away from the cafeteria but a bunch of food is thrown at her. A teacher is shown walking into the cafeteria hoping to eat something but walks off when seeing throwing food at each other. The Cool Kids are throwing cafeteria at the Beacon Times club students. The cafeteria lady gives the students more slop and goes off.

Cafeteria Lady: There are times when I like my job. This is one of them.

GameTime and Fricksy continue to throw food at each other.

Fricksy: I'm a cool kid now and that signifies that I am the coolest person on campus!

Biff: Hey, what about me?

Fricksy: Oh yeah, you're cool as well.

Biff: I am.

GameTime: Well, if you're so cool, prove it then.

Fricksy: And I will! GameTime, I challenge you to a game of Modball!!!!

All of the students stop and are shocked.

GameTime: Then, I accept and I shall be victorious!

Fricksy: Winner is declared the coolest student of FANDOM University and loser is declared... not the coolest?

GameTime: Sounds good to me. I'll be there whenever it is.

Fricksy: 15 minutes... I wanna be the coolest soon. Be prepared. Come on, guys. Let's roll out.

The Cool Kids leave the cafeteria. One of the Cool Kids punch GameTime and leaves.

Melody: GameTime, what have you gotten yourself into?!

GameTime: A battle which will determine the fate of my coolness. Don't worry, I'll be ready.

Time skip to GameTime and Fricksy in the FANDOM University stadium.

GameTime: I am not ready for this! I am not ready for this!

Next to GameTime is Melody, the two Beacon Times club member, tourist lady and cafeteria lady.

Melody: You got the college staff to be on the team?

GameTime: It was easy to do so. They secretly both hate students.

Next to Fricksy is Biff, Earl, Warren, Adam, and Ray.

Biff: We got this, Fricksy. We're the cool kids, suckers!

Fricksy: You sure?

Biff: With coolness on our side, we can overcome anything!

GameTime: Man, they sure like to say cool a lot.

Earl: It's pretty cool saying it.

Ray: Saying it is really cool.

Adam: Not as cool as you saying cool.

Warren: Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, COOL!

Melody: Yeah... They sure do.

Announcer: Alright, FANDOMainians! Are you ready for some Modball?!

The crowd cheers.

GameTime and Fricksy: Let's do this.

Announcer: As always, players of 6 will battle it out on the stadium and try to carry the ball over to the other team's goalpost. The first team to get 114 points wins!

GameTime: That seems easy.

Announcer: Players will be able to mod and alter the battlefield with machines, vehicles, weapons, and themselves.

Fricksy: If I won the last time, I can surely do it again.

Announcer: And start!

The teams battle it out as they are modding the battlefield with different mods. The Beacon Times boys beat some of the Cool Kids from getting the ball with giant spiked bats.

One of the Cool Kids mods himself with rocket boots and zooms over to the boys to bump them out of the arena and retrieve the ball.

A giant drone is summoned by the tour lady and grabs the Cool Kid. It takes the ball away and gives it to her.

Tour Lady: How do you feel about that, Fricksy?!

Fricksy: What did I even do to you?

The tour lady and another cool kid battle it out spawning giant laser guns to shoot at each other.

Melody then spawns a flying car. She gets on and catches the ball when the tour lady and the cool kid drop it.

Melody: GameTime, catch!

GameTime catches it.

Fricksy follows him.

Fricksy: You know what, GameTime? You've been doing pretty well... for a loser!

GameTime: Same to you, Fricksy. Hahahaha!

Fricksy: To congratulate you, eat this!

Fricksy spawns a watermelon launcher.

Fricksy: Fire away!

Fricksy shoots watermelons at GameTime and steals the ball. He then throws it to the goal.

Announcer: Sixteen points for Team Cool Kids!

Biff: Aw yeah, so cool.

Melody: C'mon, GameTime. We got this.

GameTime: Alright, Melody. I got my head in the game this time.

Melody: Just do your best and you'll be fine.

The ball is placed in the center again.

Announcer: And start!

One of the cool kids modifies himself to become a giant ball and roll over and snatch the ball, squashing enemies in the way.

Biff: Doing cool, Warren!

Fricksy: Does that even make sense?

Biff: Nope.

Fricksy: Nice.

GameTime gets a rocket chair and flies to snatch the ball from the Cool Kid.

Melody: Woo, yeah! Go GameTime!

A cool kid shoots a giant rocket at GameTime but GameTime deflects it with a invisible shield.

GameTime runs and passes it to the cafeteria lady which spawns a machine to shoot slop at the cool kids.

Cafeteria Lady: I like my job.

Two cool kids and the Beacon Times newspaper boys are fighting using a long steel jet and a futuristic U.F.O.

The cool kids notice the ball from the cafeteria lady and steals it.

The tour lady modifies herself to become a robot to retrieve the ball by shooting lasers at them but she gets hit a cool kid using a water sword.

GameTime snatches the ball from the cool kids using a floating washing machine. He jumps up and throws the ball into the goal.

Announcer: Sixteen points for Team Misfit Squad!

Melody: Really? We didn't even get to pick out our team name?

GameTime: I guess so. But now it's time to focus on the match.

A montage is shown of the two teams battling it out while modifying the game. GameTime and Fricksy approach each other. GameTime hits Fricksy but Fricksy shoots a giant plant at GameTime which knocks him out. Fricksy is about to strike GameTime.

Fricksy: It's game-time for you to meet your end!

GameTime spawns a mirror to protect himself and Fricksy looks at himself.

Fricksy: I... I... What did I become?

GameTime: What I made you become. Look, I do want to keep doing this because it's just stupid and wrong.

Fricksy: Agreed.

GameTime: This is all my fault. I should've let you do what you wanted to do. Do your college years you're way. I regret forcing you to be this way.

Fricksy: It's ok. I'm sorry for attacking you those times. I never should've done that.

GameTime: Yeah.

Fricksy: But you did help me...

GameTime: Huh?

Fricksy: I must say I had a great time here. Way better than the one I had years ago. I felt so alive but I think I want to be me again.

GameTime: And so do I.

Fricksy: I just thank you for making my semester here better than my previous one. It means the word for me.

GameTime: Eh, it's just me being me. You know, you're alright with being cool.

Fricksy: Really?

GameTime: Yeah.

Fricksy: Yes!!! I knew it! So, do you wanna call off the match?

GameTime: But everyone would hate us! But let's do it... together.

GameTime and Fricksy drop their cards. Their cards look like they are looking and smiling at each other. GameTime and Fricksy smile at each other and shake hands.

GameTime: Hey. everyone! We're calling off this game! You can go home!

Everyone is disappointed and leaves. The Cool Kids go up to Fricksy.

Biff: Congrats, Fricksy. You're officially uncool for calling off this match with this dweeb.

Fricksy: Wait, what?!

Biff: You heard me. Don't ever think about joining our gang or coming to our dorm ever again... and we're taking this back!

Biff takes away Fricksy's skateboard.

Biff: Have fun being a loser with your nerd friend. Boys, let's give 'em what they deserve before we skate off.

Biff and the other Cool Kids beat up GameTime and Fricksy and skate off laughing afterwards. They are gone.

Fricksy: I guess I'm uncool again.

GameTime: We're uncool.. together.

Fricksy: Yeah. Now, let's prepare for graduation tommorrow.

GameTime: Wait, it's tommorrow? Already?

Fricksy: Yep. Now, let's prepare for the greatest moment of our lives!

GameTime and Fricksy are kicked out of the university for their actions.

GameTime: Welp, we're expelled. They found out somehow.

Fricksy: Yep.

Gametime and Fricksy laughs.

Melody comes up to GameTime.

Melody: There you are, GameTime. It's sad to see you go but at least I'm still your friend, right?

GameTime: No. We're not that.

Melody: What?

GameTime: Isn't it so obvious why I hanged out with you?

Melody: What do you mean?

GameTime: I only got close with you just so I can steal your songs and publish them as my own for my presentations. I'm the host of the Sly Guy NEXT.

Fricksy: And here we go.

Melody: What?! Why?!

GameTime: Because I'm going to need money somehow and the perfect way of doing it is by fooling you like I always do with everyone else. You're a pawn in my plans and that's all that you are.

Melody: How could you did this to me?

GameTime: Because it's easy to trick people these days. Either I'm getting smarter or Wikia is getting dumber and you proved yourself to be apart of that. I hope you're happy with that.

Melody: You know what? That's it, I should've never trusted you in the first place! Gosh, I'm so stupid to hang out with someone as selfish and cruel like you! I even called you my best friend! Take my songs but now this, you mean nothing to me now! NOTHING TO ME!!!!

Melody walks away from GameTime and pushes Fricksy.

Melody: Out of my way! I have some regrets I want to ignore.

Melody is gone.

Fricksy: I feel like all of these people that despise you are going to get back at you one day.

GameTime: Trust me, nothing more will come out of her or anyone else.

GameTime and Fricksy walk back to the studio.

Fricksy: I wonder what the crew did during all of this.

GameTime: Probably slacking off but I'll give them a day off.

Fricksy: Good for them. They deserve it.

They are shown walking off.

GameTime: Hey, Fricksy. Can I hear your singing voice again?

Fricksy: No. I think I lost all of my confidence from this.

GameTime: Glad to hear that, Fricksy. Glad to hear that.

The Sly Guy NEXT logo is shown but a skateboard and a pair of sunglasses are near the logo. On top of the logo is a backwards baseball hat.

GameTime’s Graphic Design professor studies his drawing he gave to him.

Professor: My gosh. This is most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen in my entire life.

The professor stares at it even more.

Professor: It’s perfect in every way! The lines, the details, the paper itself even! I have to tell the other professors about this right now!

The professor walks out of the classroom and into the hall. The professor opens the door to the lounge room.

Professor: Hey everyone, check out this masterpiece-

The professor slips on a wet puddle.

Professor: Ow! What the? Oh no, no, no, no, no, no! It’s ruined!

The drawing gets wet and the professor cries. The janitor appears.

Janitor: Yeah, they kicked me out of my room for photo shoots so this is my room now.

The professor continues to cry.

Janitor: I’m just going to clean up this place for a bit.

The janitor uses his mop to wipe the professor’s face and destroy the drawing. The janitor continues to whistle as he mops the professor’s face and then the floor.


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