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"Every Trail Ever!"
- Official tagline

Follow the Trails is an upcoming 2019 freemium town-building adventure mobile app created by Trailblazer101, based on the multiple versions of the Trails from various LMMCU projects.

The app will be developed by TinyCo and Nostalgic Games, and published by Jam City. It will be released for Android, iOS, and Blaze Oblong on November 15, 2019.


Play as a wide variety of different variations and adaptations of the Trail Blazer character as you travel across many prominent and memorable locations from different LMMCU properties to collect certain items that will aid you in defeating Liart, an evil clone formed from each of the Trails' personalities, and his plan to put all of the Trails against one another in an attempt to conquer all of their worlds.


Main Characters

District 1

Upcoming Districts

The characters listed below are set to be included in an upcoming District.

DLC Characters

Several other characters are available to play as through the "Worlds of LMMCU", "Trail's Best Friends", and "Trail's Worst Enemies" DLC packs.

"Worlds of LMMCU"

The GameTime Movie
Press GO!

More to be added

"Trail's Best Friends"

The LEGO Blazer Movie
Imagination Spike
Wikiverse Warriors
Doctor Trail
The Trail Blazer Adventures
  • To be added

More to be added

"Trail's Worst Enemies"

The LEGO Blazer Movie
Imagination Spike
Wikiverse Warriors
Doctor Trail
The Trail Blazer Adventures
  • To be added

More to be added


The plots that are featured in the app are based on key locations from The LEGO Blazer Movie, Imagination Spike, Wikiverse Warriors, Doctor Trail, and The Trail Blazer Adventures.

Plots to be added

DLC Plots

The plots available from the "Worlds of LMMCU" DLC pack are based on key locations from various LMMCU projects, including The GameTime Movie, Shogun, Shogun: The Sho, Press Start, Morphers, Venture, the Morphers reboot, The Fun Movie, iNinjago: The Movie, The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime, Unwanted Tourist, Malevolence, Press GO!, The LMMCU's Infiniteermoon, The Red Order, The Ultimate Adventure of Trail and Miles, Shade the Apprentice, Cloud Man, and Zapper, while plots from the "Trail's Best Friends" and "Trail's Worst Enemies" DLC packs are based on locations from The LEGO Blazer Movie, Imagination Spike, Wikiverse Warriors, The LEGO LMMCU Show, Doctor Trail, and The Trail Blazer Adventures that were not available in the main plots and are connected to their included characters.

DLC plots to be added


  • Version 0.01 - Full release launch update with District 1.

More to be added

DLC Packs


  • The "Trail's Best Friends" DLC pack initially included both the protagonist and antagonist characters from the main franchises included, however, Trail decided to separate the antagonist characters into the "Trail's Worst Enemies" DLC pack instead.
    • The name of the "Trail's Best Friends" DLC pack was initially intended to be ironic since it also included the antagonists from those projects.
  • The universe that Follow the Trails takes place in is designated as "Earth-615123" within the Wikiverse.
  • Trail was influenced to create this app by the canceled projects GameTime: A Whole New Wiki and Pocket Phantoms by RealGameTime, Pocket Users by iNinjago, and PixelFox: The Internet's Rebirth by PixelFox666.
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