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Earth, Fire, Air, and Water is an online first person brawler/shooter game about controlling some (Real and fake.) elements by Sky Studios.


The game play is like a mix of CoD, HALO, Overwatch, and TF2, with the player having a wind mix of weapons and being in first person, there being random vehicles spawned throughout the map, there being multiple characters and special abilities, and the player being able to unlock weapons from the coins they get.


  • Malstom (Fire Element)
  • Naka (Water Element)
  • Jounaline (Earth Element)
  • Chara (Death Element)
  • Masik (Air Element)
  • Chagak (Electric Element)




  • Even though the title is "Earth, Fire, Air, and Water", the game includes more elements than that.
  • A lot of the elements in the game are fake and made just for the game.
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