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Dwight MacDonald is an Entrance Comics villain.


Dwight MacDonald was abused as a child by his drugged father, to the point that he got dissociative identity disorder. The reason for his abuse was his younger brother, Chris, died in a fire after Dwight was too afraid to save him. Eventually, Dwight became District Attorney of Los Angeles and forms an extremely weak alliance with Mason Kennedy and a stronger one with Commissioner Brendan Trigger. Heath Psycho captured Dwight and his wife Marion. Macedon saves Dwight as the skyscraper explodes, but Dwight's head is half melted from the explosion and Marion dies. Dwight then went on a killing spree, and smashed his father's face into a stick of dynamite in front of a live audience. However, the explosive does not go off, and he decided to kill Trigger's son. Right when he was about to fire the bullet, though, Macedon cut Dwight's head off with the bloody machete.


  • Like Douglas Artur, he is an antagonist who is scarred, was formerly good, and is killed by the reluctant protagonist.