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Doctor Trail is an upcoming 2020 superhero fantasy TV series created by Trailblazer101, based on the canceled film of the same name by Searingjet.

The series will be developed by Trail Blazer Studios and distributed by Paramount Television. It will be released on The LMMCU, with the first season scheduled to premiere in November 2020.


After the evil mastermind, Bricky Blocks escaped from his indefinite exile, new threats have been unleashed upon the worlds of Wikia and Discord, causing chaos and havoc to spread all throughout. Two ordinary users, Doctor Trail and Shade the Apprentice, must band together on a wild journey to stop these evil threats from destroying their online worlds, only to discover the horrible truth behind Bricky's plan.



Season One

To be announced
  • Ep. 02 - To be announced
  • Ep. 03 - To be announced
  • Ep. 04 - To be announced
  • Ep. 05 - To be announced
  • Ep. 06 - To be announced
  • Ep. 07 - To be announced
  • Ep. 08 - To be announced
  • Ep. 09 - To be announced
  • Ep. 10 - To be announced
  • Ep. 11 - To be announced
  • Ep. 12 - To be announced
  • Ep. 13 - To be announced

Trail has announced that there will be an episode focused on each main characer in the series.


  • Vesp's role from the original film was replaced with Shade the Apprentice for the series. This was done because the original film's villain, Jedi, was reused for the series and is based on the user JediTemplar11, who is considered to be an "enemy" of ShadeTheNarwhal. However, Vesp could appear as a prominent character in the series in the future.
    • In addition to that, more LMMCU users are planned to be adapted for the series in future seasons.
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