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Darryl's World is an American mockumentry-style science-fiction sitcom superhero drama web miniseries based around characters from the short film Team Darryl.


Australian office worker Darryl Jacobson becomes roommates with the Grandmaster, the exiled overlord of the junkyard planet Sakaar, and must team up with his band to defeat his new roommate and save the world.


Starring Cast

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Episode Director(s) Writer(s) Description
01. Team Darryl

Darryl Jacobson reunites his band after a catastrophic event only to be framed for aiding the Grandmaster in his campaign to rule Earth after he causes a domestic disturbance.

02. A Grand Jester

With Grandmaster having taken the governor hostage, it's up to Darryl and his band to rescue him but only after complying with the fanatic's own game of cat and mouse.

03. Rolling Dice

After the Grandmaster's game is foiled and the royal is put behind bars, Darryl and his band begin to wonder if supplying bail money is the right option, and how the cost of obtaining it will affect their lives and those around them.


  • The series was made in response to Team Darryl with fans wanting the character to receive his own television series on Netflix.
    • Though in actuality the series is streamed on Hulu instead.
  • At New York Comic Con on October 5, 2019, Taika Waititi held a panel to promote and reveal information about the series where he had a surprise appearance of the series' co-stars Daley Pearson and Jeff Goldblum who showcased a teaser short video called "A Grand Deur" to promote the series.