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DEV is a 2020 space opera adventure film developed by Shatara Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures.


In a distant region of space, Mercy Hawkins, a youthful gunfighter trainee, goes on a mission to retrieve her father after his abduction by the Van Dévorance cult empire. Teaming up with ace pilot Cole Rona, she embarks on an unsteady journey of thrilling battles, prolonged despair and irreversible tragedy.



  • The film is set in the same universe as Shogun. The two films are set to have a crossover film entitled Bullseye.
    • By extension, DEV also shares the same universe with the Anti-Verse, as the logo for APOPHIS, the main antagonistic organization from Shogun, appears in Goliath.
  • The film is influenced by Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Kin, in terms of creative style and tone.
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