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Ultimate Clay Chandler

Ultimate Clayhead (Minus the legs)

"Mom told me I could become anything as an adult... ANYTHING!!!"

Clay Chagrin is an Entrance Comics villain.


Clay Chagrin was an actor who played Clay-Head, a monster in a horror movie. However, he had gone crazy from fury that a remake of the horror movie he was in, The Horrible, would be shot without him, even though he was a main member of the advising staff. Donning the costume of the film's villain he once played, he murders the actors playing characters he assassinated in the order and way they die in the film, along with someone who knew his identity. Last, he plans to kill the actor playing the Clay-Head serial killer. He is foiled by Macedon and Corrin.

He reappears after the jail ambulance he is riding in plunges off a cliff. He once again dons the mask of Clay-Head and targets Mason Kennedy's wife, May Ross. Once again, the duo foil his plans.

Much later, Chagrin languishes in an asylum, when the current Clay-Head visits him out of curiosity. Chagrin proposes an alliance between all living Clay-Heads to murder Macedon. He even arranged for the remains of Mathew Clayton to be gathered to make him a member of the Mud Pack as the group called itself. Even though the Mud Pack is defeated, Chagrin injects himself with samples from Preston Cockarin, Matthew Clayton and Sondra Ceave, gaining the abilities to shape shift and melt; he becomes the self-declared "Ultimate" Clay-Head. He is defeated by the combined efforts of Macedon and Kratos by overloading his abilities, making him melt into the ground. He literally sinks into the Earth's crust when he loses control of his powers; he survives, however, and now his body sports achronite that endows him with big powers. Chagrin escapes his underground execution when Los Angeles is struck by a great cataclysm. He captures Macedon and is about to murder him, but he gets into a feud with Mr. Subzero on who has a right to murder the Crusader. Using that distraction, Macedon soundly kills both of them.



  • He finally died by Macedon pouring 1,234,567,890 gallons of water on him and he melted.