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Brawl of the Year! is the twenty-fifth of Press Start.

The Episode

Sky is seen playing the game "Brawlhalla" on his laptop

Sky: And......Koji scores another trophy! Woo hoo!

A triangular portal opens up on Sky's laptop screen

Sky: You know what? I'm used to this these days.

Sky gets sucked into this portal

Sky (in a vortex being delivered to Brawlhalla): Let's do this!

Sky gets transported into Twilight Grove in some pirate outfit

Sky also has two guns in his hands

Sky: Thatch? I can work with this.

Another portal opens delivering Miles and Pixel


Pixel: Shut it, ya' big bab-

Miles pulls out a spear and puts it to Pixel's chest

Miles: Say one more word, buddy-

Pixel: Did I say baby? I meant badass, ahahahaehehehahaha.......

Miles: That's what I THOUGHT!

Miles: Now, where are we?

Sky: Brawlhalla!

Pixel: Say what now?(edited)

Sky: Brawlhalla......?

Pixel: Cut to the chase.

Sky: It's this online fighting game that I like, I don't wanna brag that I'm good at it.....but I am.

Miles: Alright than us, prove it!

Sky: Alright, fine, I'll join the Brawl of the Year Tourney and WIN!

Miles: Say, don't you need a partner for that?

Sky: And that's why friends exist!

Miles: Aw, thanks, ma-(edited)

Sky: Pixel!

Miles has a confused and angry look on his face

Pixel: No thanks, I've been thinking about studying these video game worlds, sketch em', solve why we get sent here, all that stuff.

Sky: Great! Now who's gonna be my partner?

Miles does some fancy twirling tricks with his spear in the background

Sky: I know who to call!

Miles: Finally-

Sky can be seen reaching for his phone and dialing a number, he then lifts it to his ear.

Sky: Pick up....Pick up.....Searing! How are you, man?

Searing (on the other end): Who is this again?

Sky: Sky!

Searing: .....

Sky: The guy that took you into Undertale...

Searing: .....

Sky: The dork with the weird hair?

Searing Ohhhhhhhh, what's up?

Sky I wanted to know if you wanted to join me as a teammate in the Brawl of the Year Tourney in Brawlhalla.

Searing: Uh......sure.....

Searing violently hangs up

Sky: Nice! He'll be here any minute now! Any minute now.........Any minute now............................................................................Any minute nowwwwwwwww.

Miles: I don't have any timecards with me today.

Sky: Crap.....well, I guess I'm stuck with you.


Sky: ....

Miles: Ahem.....I mean.....thank you, where do we sign up?

Sky: Well that was rude....Anyways, we have to sign up at the gates of Valhalla.

Miles: And that would be.....

Sky: The place where all the gods live, don't you read history books?

Miles: Where is it?

Sky: Up that giant rainbow.

Sky points to a giant rainbow, shining in the bright sun, sloped upwards to a beautiful, bright city of gold with ginormous gates

Miles: We have to walk all that way, just to get into a tournament where we beat the shit out of one another?

Sky: ....Yes....

Miles: Sounds good.

Miles and Sky start running up the rainbow in a Rocky-esc style with "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background even though Sky hates that song irl

Sky: Phew, we made it.....

Miles: That's enough shitty 90s music for now....

Meanwhile.....back on the ground in a small village

Pixel: Finally, some relaxation from those idiots.

Shade: Why do you call them idiots if they are your friends?

Pixel: Gah! Shade!

Shade: I haven't been stalking the president! That could be any Mr. Narwhal!

Pixel: What?

Shade: Answer that question before that and ignore the other thing.

Pixel: Oh...well... they aren't idiots, they ARE my friends.

Shade: Then why call them idiots and insult them?

Pixel: Well, I......don't really know....maybe I'm a bad fri-

Before Pixel can finish his sentence, he hears the fearful screams of men, women, and children.

Pixel: What the hell?

Back at the Valhalla Gates(edited)

Sky: Yes, we'd like to sign up as a team.

Guard #1: Right this way, folks.

Guard #2: Good luck.

The first guard leads Sky and Miles to a stage, next to it are wooden racks of spears, guns, swords, hammers, scythes, cannons, and other weapons.

Guard #1: This is where you'll practice until your first match, here is the team you'll be practicing against.

GameTime and Neo step up to the stage, GameTime holding a bow and arrows, and Neo holding a shining blade

Miles: Hey, guys.

GameTime: Funny seeing you here, we were just insulting you behind your back.

Neo elbows GameTime in the stomach, making GameTime fall backwards

GameTime: Ow! I landed on my quiver!

Sky: You guys ready to train?

Neo: Sure am!

Guard #1: Have a fun time...heheh.

The guard then walks back to the gates with the second guard with a wicked smile.

After Neo and Miles duel, the time for practice is up

Sky: Aw man....I didn't get to practice!

GameTime: Well, we better hope we're decent at this.

Cut to a crowd of people sitting in chairs in front of the stage

Benny: Hello! I'm Benny, your annoying, self promoting presenter for this year's Brawl of the Year! Don't forget to come on down to Benny's rent-a-god shop, on the Asguardian turn-pike! Now, onto out fight, Sky and Miles vs. GameTime and Neo.

Sky, Miles, Neo, and GameTime step up on stage with a gun, scythe, sword, and bow and arrows respectively.

Sky: Good luck!

Neo: You'll need it!

Neo goes after Miles with a swift strike to the side and attempts to hold Miles down, but Sky helps him break free. Sky pistol whips Neo, knocking him out.

Sky: Get GameTime!

GameTime: Don't get GameTime!

GameTime runs off stage and jumps into a river on the planet.

Sky and Miles look over the edge of the floating island

Sky: Well that was easy....

Benny: Congratulations, Sky and Miles! You guys get to move on to round 2!

Miles: Nice work, man!

Sky and Miles hug

Suddenly, a darkness overcomes the sky

Miles: Huh?

???: I'm back, baby!!!!

Sky: Okay, welcome back Dave.

Dave flies down to the ground

Dave: No screams in agony or fear?

Miles: Nah.

Dave: Well, I'll be takin' over this game.....

Sky: Meh, most likely not.

Dave: Hey! I'm capable of stuff.

Sky: Sure you are.

Dave: Plot twist, I've got your little friend, PETER!

A giant hand made of shadows emerges from the sky holding Pixel.

Pixel: My name is Pixel!

Dave: Whatever, Padre.

Pixel: That means father in Spanish!

Dave: Hey, you aren't even the one I wanted in the first place!

The giant hand drops Pixel and he crashes through the stage

Dave: It's good to back, I'll see you boys later! AHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Sky: What?

A large portal opens up, sucking in Sky, Miles, and Pixel. Sky attempts to hang on to an edge.


Sky lets go on accident

Dave: It's good to be back...eheheheheheheheheh!

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