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Blizzard is a teenage mutant who has the power to control ice and snow in multiple ways for combat and technoloical advancements, and is a member of the Oddity Allegiance who provides his advanced machinery and artilery to the team for aid.

Originally a resident and local engineer from the Crestal Realm that he was forced to flee from before its destruction, Blizzard journeyed with his close friend Morph to a new realm, Brickopolis, where he repositioned his duties as a watchful protector over the Crestallis Realms of Elements due to his realm's destruction. Eventually, Blizzard met with a former client of his, Trail Blazer, who had journeyed to Brickopolis and worked with him and an enhanced team of mutants, which Morph had joined, to defeat the evil Lord Blox from destroying the Wikiverse as he had done to the Crestal Realm. Blizzard continued his protection duties but became more open to society after the successful defeat of Blox, and opened up a new local professional engineering warehouse in Brickopolis, where he chose to lay low and sought out a new career while keeping his ties to the Oddity Allegiance.

Blizzard's steady and peaceful career lifted him up for a few years, which proved successful for him in terms of business and made him better as a person, but this easy-going time was cut short when Riftaar initiated his attacks across the Wikiverse, which brought Blizzard back together again with Morph and Trail, with the trio working together to reunite the Oddity Allegiance to win the fight against Riftaar and save their own and many other universes.

Afterward, Blizzard made an attempt to return to his steady life but eventually chose to work with Morph to form a new mutant resistance after Riftaar came back in a newly reincarnated form.

Blizzard is a main protagonist in the films The LEGO Blazer Movie, The LEGO Blazer Movie 2: Broken Dimensions, The Brick Resistance, and The LEGO Blazer Movie 3: Lost Foundation, and has cameo appearances in the post-credits scene of The LEGO Shado Movie and in The Long Trail. He also appears in the video games The LEGO Blazer Movie Video Game, The LEGO Blazer Movie Video Game 2: Broken Dimensions, Trail Blazer Concord, LEGO Dimensions, LEGO Multiverse, and FANDOM Kombat.


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  • Blizzard's name and abilities were chosen by one of Trailblazer101's real-world friends for a fictional undercover operation, with Trail choosing to use his name and likeness as a character in The LEGO Blazer Movie films.
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