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Blaze Oblong

The Blaze Oblong is a portable handheld gaming console, tablet, and gamepad developed by Nostalgic Games for Trail Blazer Studios as an add-on to the BlazeBox.

The console was released on March 3, 2018.


  • Can play digital BlazeBox and Blaze Oblong video games.
  • Can also play Digital HD copies of films and TV series through Firestar.
  • A slot used to connect USB and NFC cords.
  • Online apps available through the Nostalgic Network.
  • Can be hooked up to a docking station where it can charge and can be used in two modes:
    • Console mode: Used to connect to the BlazeBox as a gamepad.
    • Mobile mode: Used as a portable handheld gaming console and tablet.
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