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Backfire is a 2020 American action science-fiction heist film developed by Shatara Studios and Regency Enterprises and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing in the U.S. and 20th Century Fox internationally.


When a meteor crash lands on Earth and is salvaged by scientists, a group of low-life criminals infiltrate their research facility, stealing pieces of the meteor to sell on the black market to pay a debt with a powerful crime syndicate that threatens them and everyone they care for.





  • The film's working title during development was Meteor Shower.

Behind the Scenes

  • Originally, Red Shogun planned on making a fanon version of Sony's Marvel Universe, which was set to contain a film based on the Spider-Man villain Looter / Meteor Man (Norton Fester). The shared universe was scrapped before being posted on the wiki, with the Looter film being reworked as a standalone superhero heist film similar to Marvel Studios' Ant-Man. The film was ultimately scrapped, but character elements and plot ideas were reworked into original concepts that were expanded on and ultimately became Backfire.
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