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Abomination Defense 2 is a 2022 free to play tower defense video game developed by 1001 Spears and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to Abomination Defense, and will release worldwide on the App Store on August 11, 2022 and Google Play on October 19, 2022.


The player of the game uses a time machine to travel to different locations with their neighbor, Peter Pan, to find Peter's burrito. The player is engaged in a race across the world against Doctor Alien, the main villain of Abomination Defense, who is attempting to prevent the world from crumbling.


Abomination Defense 2 is a free to play game, unlike its predecessor, supporting micro transactions of gold coins in order to utilize power ups: Power Pumpkins, a new power up, allows Defenses to power up for a random amount of time. Each Defense has its own ability when given a Power Pumpkin. Players can complete the whole game without purchasing these abilities, all of which can be earned throughout the game instead of being bought. Additionally, users can level up their Defenses using Light Bracelets (found ingame or bought with real money) to allow them to permanently enhance their abilities. Players can begin a voluntary tutorial which takes place around the player's home. Afterward, the player travels to Egypt and can win ingame RV Juices by completing Day 8 to unlock a series of additional countries ("worlds"); this requires a certain number of stars, as well. As players go through levels, they unlock new Defenses, each with advantages and distinct boosts.


Area Numbers of Levels Difficulty
Urbia (USA) 4 None
The Bronze Age (Egypt) 35 🔥🔥
Republic of Pirates (Bahamas) 35 🔥🔥
American Frontier (USA) 35 🔥🔥🔥
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